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You have arrived here in the Fempyre 
because you desire joy, liberation and magic in life again...
This Rebirth Journey
can be an unfamiliar process ~  
I would be honoured to be your guide.


One on One

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Rebirth Initiation Coaching

Wyld's signature Rebirth Initiation package... 
a deeply transformational coaching experience designed for those who are ready to commit, to look at and shift their patterns, and to REBIRTH themselves into empowered essence!

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Private Healing Sessions

Tarot Truth Transmission
and Resonance Session

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The Holy Boundaries ™ 28-day email Challenge

Holy Boundaries™ 28 Day Email Challenge you will have a better understanding of boundaries, how to implement them, and the support to create more of them for yourself in only one Moon cycle




The Feral Tarot is unlike any other Tarot course you have considered... because her focus is on developing your own instinctual intuition and confidence in the magic that moves through you.
9 weeks together in a healing and learning field with a kick ass commUNITY of magical women.

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The Holy Boundaries ™ Group Challenge

Join me for a Moon cycle as we dive into The Holy Boundaries™ Email Challenge in good company.

Each day for a full Moon cycle you will receive a written transmission that includes a simple exercise or two each day to explore your current boundaries and support you in redefining new ones.

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We spend 9 weeks together in a healing field with the commUNITY.
5 in depth private sessions
4 group share Circles
Private FaceBook group to process all your thoughts and feelings in good company
The healing happens from being listened to, seen, witnessed and supported in putting all the mental and emotional pieces of your story together in an integrated way.


The Sovereign Map: Initiation of the Inner Teenager...
is a 9-week course and group coaching program designed around the needs and lessons of your Inner Teenager.

dance with


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5Rhythms Dance

5Rhythms® Sweat with Wyld Lee is a space for you to practice authentic movement, self intimacy, and soul connection by following your feet and getting curious.



for your event

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This type of work allows us to find peace in our lives, joy in our ceremony, closure around our tough times, and connection with commUNITY when we crave it most!

Tarot Parties + Events

This has become one of my most popular services!  From bachelorette parties to corporate events, I can offer something spectacular to fit your needs!

Corporate Events + Corporate Retreats

Wyld loves exploring how spirituality, vulnerability, and business can work in tandem to create both efficiency, satisfaction, and improved human relations.  When companies invest in their employees, the ROI is profound!

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Retreats are such a magical way to provide unsullied space for personal growth and healing.  These can be potent times for guests and by adding one of the following, you will be creating a retreat that is both powerful and memorable!

Vulnerability Practice Circles

A Vulnerability Practice Circle is a group activity designed to create intimacy and offer space for people to learn the skills needed to both listen deeply and also share vulnerably in a way that feels good to them.

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