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Are you feeling lost, confused, and perplexed about why you continue to self sabotage or not enjoy your life in the ways you had expected?


Do you often feel lonely and misunderstood even when surrounded by others?


Do you want to feel empowered, supported, and seen?


Would it feel juicy to understand yourself better and to finally understand why you have the limiting beliefs that plague your mind?


If clarity, accountability, and self-intimacy sound delicious ~ The Transformation Map is designed specifically for you!  


This program offers the guidance needed to achieve lasting change and profound healing of your inner trust, instinctual intuition, and access to joy.


We are powerFULL, capable, and amazing BEings; yet many women struggle with self-doubt, fear, and limiting beliefs that prevent us from reaching our unique and vibrant potential. 


This is where self sabotage comes in - a deeply ingrained pattern of behavior that undermines our perceived success or joy and keeps us quite small.  When we experience self-sabotage we are left feeling stuck, frustrated, and disconnected from our inner strength, capacity and power.  We don't take up space in our lives and are often left feeling like life is living us instead of us living our lives with purpose and dignity.

These self-sabotaging patterns have usually been instilled within us at a very early age... they have been present so long that we don't even see them playing out!  Most of my clients assume these limiting patterns are simply part of their personality - but that's not actually true!  


These patterns are simply symptoms that point to an uncomfortable truth - that we have been domesticated.


Ouch.  I know... just breathe into that sentence a moment.


But once we recognize this truth...

That we have all been domesticated through systematic education, capitalism, patriarchy, and a culture that runs on our compliance...

That we actually have a deeper sense of power and trust within us just waiting for us to wake up...

That these limiting patterns are NOT who we are but rather how we have kept ourselves safe and functional in an unhealthy culture...

That by design we have within us a unique inner guidance system connected to our Higher Self that knows exactly who we are, what we need, and how to follow our feet towards our desires...


Everything changes!

MY NAME IS WYLD.... and I will be your guide during this experience of The Transformation Map.


The Transformation Map is a direct transmission of my own healing journey.


I was once domesticated and completely oblivious to my complicity in the process.


Despite having several profound magical experiences of freedom and Initiation as a teenager and young adult... when I found myself pregnant after college, all my domestication programming kicked in and I lost myself.

Despite all the self intimacy work, empowerment processes and dancing I had been partaking in; when "reality" hit me and I needed to create a pathway for myself... I felt inadequate.  Lost.  Unsure of my capacity to both be myself and an adequate mother and role model for my child.


As I look back... I have such compassion for that version of myself.  She did the very best she could every moment.


And she also overrode her instinctual intuition and made "safe" choices as a way of compensating for her lack of confidence in herself.


She didn't trust herself enough to figure out single parenthood and this led to entering a marriage that was simply not a good fit.  A marriage that ended poorly and painfully and ironically led to single parenthood anyway! (Thank you Great Mystery - my tricksy friend!)


Oh the wisdom that is possible 20 years later, right?


But the truth is... I knew that path was not correct for me.  (And it has nothing to do with my former husband or if we were "good" people ya know?  It simply wasn't an appropriate match of personalities, values and needs)


The truth is my inner self KNEW it was a No from the beginning... and I didn't listen.


I CHOSE not to listen.


Because my Yes felt so scary.

My freedom amidst new responsibility felt untenable.

I didn't trust myself enough to follow my Yes... so I ignored my No and hoped it would keep me safe... and dealt with the messy consequences and Underworld journey after a decade of dissatisfaction.


That was quite a price to pay... and i am utterly grateFULL.


That pain, the heartbreak, the depth of shattering is what led me to my joy, my work and the incredible life I am blessed with today.


It was this journey that led me to create The Transformation Map.

The Transformation Map is a direct transmission of the wisdom and lessons gleaned during my personal awakening process.

This program was gifted to me during a long series of sleepless nights as I processed and tracked my personal healing journey.  It is amazing how one can mentally rewire and rewrite their life in ways that profoundly change the quality of your lived experience!  The night I changed my story of peri-menopausal insomnia from suffering into "private Me time" is the night I began channeling The Transformation Map.


After collating and clarifying the Map... the only thing required was sharing space with my client and turning on my natural skillset as a Seer.


As a Seer, I am able to listen and digest your patterns and story and reflect back to you the taproot of your current struggles and how your previous coping mechanisms may no longer be serving who you are BEcoming.


While I walked this Map in the dark, alone and utterly lost... you don't have to.


As a Map Walker, you get the benefit of my experience as well the the deeply supportive sensation of being held while you engage in your own exploration.


The Transformation Map is a series of 5 deep dive sessions where I will guide you through a series of questions that explore in depth multiple facets of your life from childhood to present day.


As I receive your stories, a web of connections begins to form.  With the support of The Tarot and Great Mystery, we will together co-create and bring understanding to why you carry the patterns you are currently struggling with.


It is my experience that once we can see the patterns and the reasons why they made sense... we have more space to change the script and choose differently.


When we can find and name our truth in good company with a witness who doesn't shame or judge us... wow!  Suddenly the psyche begins to soften and we can integrate the truth of our past without having big feelings about it or needing to ignore it out of guilt.

The Transformation Map is a clean, honest and direct opportunity to jumpstart your healing journey and invite a more grounded version of your authentic self.


In her new format, The Transformation Map now includes 4 group Circles so you can practice being witnessed in an even more vulnerable way.  


This may sound edgy... and it can be!  




I have found letting yourself be seen...

in the sunshine and the shit...

Is THE way to fast track your reconnection to Self.


Women are designed to be in commUNITY... and somewhere along the domestication process, that gift of connection became corrupted with competition.  In these Vulnerability Practice Circles we get to redefine our relationship with being authentic around others.

Own your ride so the Past can no longer define you...


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What to expect when you enroll today...

In this healing exploration, you will receive:

5 Deep Dive sessions 

exploring each realm and how your life has been patterned by your childhood and teenage experiences.  Wyld will guide you through a series of questions to unearth the old patterns that no longer serve you.  Through this inquiry, you will discover your root wounds and craft a Map of your healing moving forward.  This is an amazing deep dive for those ready to go deeper into their healing work; those who need support in discovering self sabotage and reigniting empowerment, agency and joy!  These sessions are 2+ hours long and very in depth.

4 Group Coaching Calls

this round is limited to 9 Seekers - in these coaching calls, you will have an opportunity to be in Circle, to be witnessed in your unfolding, and to receive guidance from Wyld and support from those who are on the same path with you.

A Private Facebook Group

to keep the healing going with this intimate group of humans.  Wyld will be in the group as well witnessing, reflecting, and offering guidance during our time together!

15% OFF all other sessions, products, workshops and courses during the length of the program - stock up and save!


This offering is closed and TBD.

Within this potent 9 weeks together, we will traverse the following 5 realms... 

Each realm will be explored in depth during your private sessions and digested during our Circles.



In the realm of Release, we explore the taproot of your current challenges through guided inquiry around the 5 Spheres of your BEing

  • Physical

  • Mental

  • Emotional

  • Energetic

  • Sexual/Sensual

We get a baseline for your authenticity in each area and begin to uncover the reason why you are experiencing life in a specific or less desirable way.  We investigate your inner landscape and determine your coping patterns.


In the realm of Receive, we explore the fabric of your external expression by moving through the 5 Spheres of Connection.

  • Family/Friends

  • Partner

  • Community

  • Work

  • Purpose/Service

We gain clarity on the nature of your relationships, reciprocity, and satisfaction.  In this session, we are curious about your external landscape and how you are showing up to your life.



In the realm of Reveal, we expand from the foundation granted in the previous sessions and start to discover your soul path through the 5 Spheres of Expansion.

  • Dreams

  • Offerings

  • Self Care

  • Manifestation

  • Allies

We gather data on what makes life feel juicy, how you desire to be of service, what best supports you, and how to ask for the support you need most.  In this fun session, we get turned on to the possibilities!




In the realm of Recalibrate, we focus on the perspective needed to truly attune to a new way of experiencing your life by witnessing the 5 Spheres of Healing.

  • Lineage

  • Past Lives

  • Sacred

  • Letting Go/Letting In

  • Joy

We decipher where you are still living in your story versus letting your story be simply a piece of the past.  We invite in the Ancestors and become humble as we find your true place in service to life.  It is here that we begin to taste the potential for Joy!


In the realm of Remember, we begin to look at our life as one small piece of the puzzle that is Earth by digesting the 5 Spheres of Love.

  • Self

  • Others

  • Non-Human

  • Planet

  • Universe

We devote some time and attention inside and outside of ourselves; giving space to our influence and impact on the world.  We begin by amplifying love within and radiating outward until we recognize it is all simply that - LOVE.  We bring closure to this journey together here and craft a blueprint for how you wish to be moving forward...

This journey is rich, delicious, ancient, and transformational.

You will be held.

You will be seen.

You will find your edges.

You will taste humility.

You will have the exquisite opportunity to rebirth yourself by clearing the past and rooting down into the present with purpose, clarity, and respect for the joy that is your birthright.



Unravel your patterns and reveal your Magic!


Who is The Transformation Map for? Whether you are newer to your healing journey or have been doing the work for a few years... The Transformation Map is an energetic boost to clearing old drama, trauma patterns and reactions that are habitual but outdated. This program is for humans who are ready to heal, to look at their own patterns, to be witnessed and to finally devote time to finding a deeper level of satisfaction in their daily life by releasing the past. Designed for any human who feels resourced enough to look at their baggage in good company and soften the old stories that hold them back from fully investing in their lives.

Who is The Transformation Map NOT for? This program is NOT for you if: You are in an extreme trauma response or unsafe situation at home. You have never done any therapeutic healing work previously. You have zero skills in holding yourself when big feelings arise. You are looking for talk therapy or another medically approved modality of mental health support. You are hoping I can fix or solve all your problems without effort from you

There are A LOT of programs to choose from...what makes yours different? This program is different because it is incredibly high touch while also providing a group support dynamic. Most programs are either individual or group... This one gives a healthy blend of both. It is also a special program because you will have the opportunity to share space privately with Wyld and benefit from her 28 years of space holding expertise. Being with a Seer is a unique experience that can be truly transformational... and in this program you will receive 9 hours of undivided personalized attention shone directly upon you and your healing journey. All this for only $999 - this is less than the normal hourly rate to schedule time with Wyld. This container is built to be an affordable, intimate quantum healing experience that can jumpstart your personal evolution!

How does The Transformation Map work? We spend 9 weeks together in a healing field with the commUNITY. 5 in depth private sessions 4 group share Circles Private FaceBook group to process all your thoughts and feelings in good company The healing happens from being listened to, seen, witnessed and supported in putting all the mental and emotional pieces of your story together in an integrated way.

When are the private sessions? You will schedule your private sessions every other week during our 9 weeks together at a time that is convenient for you using my automated Calendly calendar. Session times are available Monday-Saturday. Upon enrollment, you will receive a special email with all the information necessary for the program, including scheduling links for each session so you can plan your time in advance. If you have difficulty finding a session time that works for your schedule, we will find a special time together - just email Team Wyld at

When are the group Circles?

How long is the program? The Transformation Map runs for 9 weeks from March 27, 2023 - May 26, 2023

Is there a scholarship available? Wyld values accessibility and healing for all BEings who desire it. While there are no active scholarships for this particular program, multiple payment plans have been developed to aid in accessibility. If you feel deeply drawn to this work and need further assistance to access, please email Wyld at with your request. If Great Mystery guides us to finding a different solution for reciprocity... we will explore the options!

What if I change my mind about my investment or feel unhappy with my progress? There are no guarantees in healing work and no refunds can be offered for services rendered. Due to the intimacy and limited enrollment, refunds cannot be offered unless extreme emergency occurs. Thank you for understanding that this is my life's work and what feeds my family. Please take your time feeling in and invest in this work only if you sense a full body YES! I promise you will receive my best, that you will be provided a deeply held space in which to find yourself and that magic can happen in these sacred spaces. You will get out of this program in equal measure to what you choose to invest into it with your presence, energy and time.

I'm new to healing and feel called to your container but I'm a little hesitant or nervous.  Can you help me decide if this program is right for me?

I totally understand - this is a big investment and can be a little scary!  If you would like to ask Q's or receive support, please feel free to schedule a Clarity Call and we can meet privately to support your decision!

Is your work inclusive (particularly for BIPOC, Trans or gender expansive folks)? Are your containers safe? This is a big question and I'm here for it! It feels important to own that I am a cis, white woman who has lived privilege as well as all the blindspots that whiteness entails. I have been a feminist since my teenage years and am now doing my healing in remembering that all humans have been harmed by empire, patriarchy, capitalism and white supremacy... including male bodied humans. I have been doing my own personal racism work since 2017 with paid containers, books and white bodied grief groups. I also work with and socialize with trans healers and gender expansive friends who have supported me in expanding my understanding of gender and the binary. I am also a messy human who tries her best and still makes mistakes. I am available to be called forward compassionately and to continue my education when these inevitable mistakes arise. I appreciate being educated and also do not expect additional emotional labor to be spent on my education. I am available for a call forward anytime at I do not claim to hold perfectly safe spaces... because the work I do or the body I inhabit may feel unsafe to you based on your own trauma history and perspective and it would be naïve of me to think otherwise. What I can promise is that I hold containers with the purest intention of feeling respectful, in reciprocity, in integrity, aligned to our shared dignity and for your best and highest growth. My containers are also edgy, may trigger sensations that are uncomfortable and may bring darker emotions or memories to the surface for tending. I live in devotion to Great Mystery and on this path, I am often instructed to enter The Underworld with a client. The Underworld is inherently uncomfortable and might feel unsafe even with a is important to know this and take ownership of your experience. If this possibility feels inaccessible or highly triggering at this time - I trust you to know this and make a choice that best supports where you are in this season of your life! I personally believe life is inherently dangerous and true safety is felt from the inside out when we develop deep self trust and reside IN our bodies with full Self Response-Ability. I operate all my work from this basic premise of respecting your own ability to respond to your life and to cultivate safety within your own skin, independent of me. AND I will hold impeccable, respectful space and provide a level of basic safety and care that far exceeds that of mainstream interactions... but I cannot presume my idea of safety will match yours exactly (because we are all so nuanced and have different needs). It feels better to call my containers brave, sacred spaces designed with dignity for all.

Do you guarantee specific transformation? I wish I could...but no. There are no guarantees in life or in healing. But what I can guarantee is my full presence and support for you. I can offer you the testimonials of other clients profound experiences. I can guarantee I will support the fuck out of you, listen deeply to your goals, desires, intentions and story and help guide you to a new level of self intimacy and self trust. What you do with that level of support is completely up to you!

Any unanswered questions? No question is too big or too small! Shoot them to Team Wyld at

Enrollment is Closed

The Transformation Map


Be part of the next journey in 2024

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