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Hello Beauty,


I am Wyld...

The Feral Oracle and the heART behind Wyld Fempyre.

My Soul Mission is to burn down our collective programming and conditioning one woman at a time by embracing the magnetic and offering guiDANCE through my well honed skills as a Seer, Somatic Spaceholder, and Witchy Pussy Queen.

It is time to REMEMBER and OWN our magnetic magic.

The transmission is simple:

Undo your own domestication and your life will shift.

You have the power to rebirth yourself!

When we fully return to our power, our essence, and our sovereignty - everything changes, deepens, and becomes magical!

 This has been my story and my lived experience, along with the robust collection of client stories I hold in my heART from the last 28 years of my practice divinely holding space for others.
My work has grown to include a multitude of facets - 
I am a Seer, Energy Practitioner, Map Maker, Pussy Priestess, 
Vulnerability Empowerment Coach, Ceremonialist, 
Somatic Spaceholder and Embodiment Guide.  
Oh and I DJ dances! 
My work has evolved to bring a depth of tools and profound breakthroughs to those who feel the pulse of Rebirth in their bones... because Rebirth is my jam! 
I bring my curiousity and Divinatrix fullness to everything I do.
I offer permission to grow, change and transform.
I believe that we all have the capacity within to heal ourselves and 
reclaim our innocence and divine mission.
To reinvent ourselves when we lose track of our joy.
I know this because I have done this work for myself.
I have transformed myself from a timid, small housewife entrenched in debt and my identity as a "good" mother and obedient wife... 
into a powerful, witchy dancing Queen fully in charge of MY ride, 
in tune with Great Mystery 
and the guidance of my intuition and my pussy. 
I know my value and I take up space 
without asking for permission or explaining myself. 
Without the need to defend - because I just KNOW.  
I couldn't say this confidently two decades ago.
Despite a deep belief in feminism and a college degree in Women's Studies, I still made choices in my early adulthood that completely aligned with the paradigm of the magnetic being less than.
Despite an early call to magic and an innate knowing of energy... I still questioned the guiding voice that lives in my body.
I still relinquished my power to the external paradigm when I found myself 23, pregnant and unsure of my capacity to thrive.
I still betrayed my heART and desires for over a decade... 
because this programming runs deep. 
We have all been programmed to believe we are powerless.  
That in order to be successful, or good, or socially acceptable - we must behave a certain way that fits in a very narrow set of parameters.  
We are taught to hand our power over to some other person or system that must know more about what we need than we do.
We lost our innate TRUST in ourselves.
In our bodies.
In our boundaries.
This is what I am about.
Reclamation of our essential core Being.
Unwinding the ties that bind us to systems and relationships that 
do not give a fuck about our joy.
Reawakening the mystery, the magnetic, the magic, and the medicine 
that lives within each and every one of us.
I offer the work I so desperately needed those decades ago when I found myself on my knees in utter depression.
Single mama of two, underemployed, betrayed, lost, and exhausted.
I longed for someone to reflect my power and worth to me.
To believe in my untried capacity.
To trust in my unfolding magic.
To shine a light on the path forward and offer me a Map 
to the other side of the darkness.
To guide me away from the victim and martyr consciousness and over the threshold into empowerment and self response-ability.
I desired the guidance of an Elder.
In service, I now offer the things I needed most 
to those who feel resonance with my pulse.
I offer my burgeoning Inner Matriarch to the Collective. 
I am here to support YOU in claiming your own Rebirth.
To walk through the fire with you as the unraveling occurs...
I believe in you and your untried capacity.
Let's undo our domestication together...

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