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Vulnerability Practice Circle

Vulnerability Practice Circle

A Vulnerability Practice Circle is a wonderful way to open up a group to emotional intelligence in a way that feels safe and accessible to everyone.
Often people crave being closer and more connected with one another but most of us have not been taught the skills necessary to create that deeper connection.
A Vulnerability Practice Circle is a group activity designed to create intimacy and offer space for people to learn the skills needed to both listen deeply and also share vulnerably in a way that feels good to them.
Wyld created Vulnerability Practice Circles for her private membership group Wyld Moon Medicine Collective for Women. It has become a foundational practice for most of her clients.
This offering is a wonderful addition for a multitude of events including women’s circles, corporate retreats, private events, and family events where people don’t quite know how to communicate with one another effectively.
Wyld is an adept facilitator who has the ability to create safety and openness within a group of people. She offers exquisite listening and helps model the skills that people so desperately need when learning how to connect with one another.
She will guide you through this experience with ease and grace and you and your guests will leave this circle feeling seen, heard, and much more connected with one another than you were prior.


I have learned more about setting boundaries, practicing speaking vulnerably in a safe space, powerful mediations, etc. I have an extremely busy life and although I don’t use this to the fullest, the times I’m able to participate are very grounding and good for my soul.


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