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Hello you gorgeous, magical creature...


Yes I am talking to you!


I know it can be hard to accept...

that we are beautiful and mysterious and magic...



Humans are all magical,  of course...and here in the Wyld Fempyre, we focus on helping women in particular reclaim their birthright of power, pleasure, and magic.


Women who are confident, turned on, firmly aligned with their Holy Boundaries™ and Instinctual Intuition are powerhouses who can change the direction of our broken systems with their magnetic Magic.


I am here to remind you of this...


Women are absolute magic.


Whether we choose to have children or not... our physical bodies are built with one foot on each side of the veil, literally able to connect to the spirit realm and magnetize a Soul from the ethers to create life on this planet.


We bleed every moonth and mysteriously release emotional debris in a fantastically orchestrated rhythm with the Moon herself... a rhythm that keeps us attuned to our feelings and to each other.


We are built to cultivate emotional intelligence, listening, attention to detail and commUNITY building... the stuff that builds alliance, cooperation, peace and prosperity for all.


Women are magic.


YOU are magic... 

and in this culture, it can be so very easy to forget that truth.


To forget that we have an innate intelligence in these sweet animal bodies that is here to guide, guard and witness our sacred path through life.


That we each possess an instinctual intuition - a bone deep wisdom that is quietly speaking to us at all times.


That we each have a channel within; a silver diamond truth cord that connects us ~ mind, body, heART, and Soul ~ to something greater than ourselves... to Great Mystery herself, this vast quantum field of interconnection that creates the fabric of our lives.


It is my belief that women are built to heal and that now is our time to stand up and share the gifts of the magnetic arts and bring more healing to our planet.


The gifts of listening, reflecting, spaceholding, fierce gentleness, clean Holy Boundaries™, and a focus on valuing people and the planet over profits.


But we can't get there without learning how to trust ourselves...

Heading 1

This is where THE FERAL TAROT comes in...

The Feral Tarot is unlike any other Tarot course you have considered... because her focus is on developing your own instinctual intuition and confidence in the magic that moves through you.

We will of course be investigating the individual cards, card groupings, setting

up spreads and several different ways of reading the cards (elementally, numerically, traditionally)

But of more importance to me - I want every participant to walk away from this course feeling confident in what moves through their own innate channel and to develop trUSt in their unique voice and perception of the cards.

We will spend 9 weeks together in good company and with my guidance and my 28 years of practical magic experience...

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But who the fuck am I?


I am Wyld...

a Creatrix, Seer, mama, dancer and magical woman whose life purpose is to support other women in waking up from the domestication process we all experienced growing up in this "civilized" world.

I was gifted my first Tarot deck at 19 (this is still the deck I use today 27 years later... The Tarot of the Cat People) and began my journey of learning how to trust myself.


I've had many slip ups and forgettings along the way, yet the Tarot stuck with me through all my foibles as a touchstone of coming home to my instinctual intuition.


She always reminds me to hold faith when my mind spins out.


She taught me to glean the medicine from every obstacle rather than focus on the negative.


She taught me to watch the signs, to connect the dots of serendipity, and to remain in the wonder and magic of Great Mystery with curiousity instead of fear.


Most importantly of all- The Tarot taught me the power and purpose of Cycles, Initiations, and Self Intimacy.  Without this wisdom, I would not be the open, aware, and magical woman that I am today.


I have so much gratitude to Tarot, Divination, and magic of the magnetic...


Because they were instrumental in my process of healing and aligning to a life outside the cages of my own mind...The cages placed there through the domestication process.


Through my Divination practice and devotion to Great Mystery, I have also been gifted with the skills of exquisite spaceholding as well as the self care and discipline required to be a Seer.


Through all this - I learned to TRUST MYSELF.  With complete certainty, confidence, and power to make the uncomfortable choices if they are true.

This is what I wish to offer as a transmission through The Feral Tarot... an opportunity to develop your own unique flavour of magic in a sacred space full of supportive women doing the same.

This course includes:


9 weeks together in a healing and learning field with a kick ass commUNITY of magical women that includes:


9 Group Calls (a place to get all your Q's answered, practice the skills for that week and share the messy feelings that come up when we are learning new things)


9 Modules of Content (while this includes some basic information on the cards themselves, the main focus will be building the skills needed to be confident and clear in your own unique and wild Divination practice)


Private Facebook Group with:

1. A weekly thread posted every Moonday where I will answer all your Q's! This is an invaluable opportunity to get direct guidance to all your curiosities about Tarot, Divination, and spaceholding!

2. An invitation to Go Live and read cards for your fellow students as practice

3. Weekly reminders and opportunities to share what arose in your practice!

4. Spontaneous office hours as the group needs and Lives from Wyld as Great Mystery requests...

To be Feral means to remain wild after attempts at domestication have been thwarted... my desire is to reawaken your own ancient divination roots and to rewild your belief in your own intuitive prowess!


Together, we can reawaken our inner witch, the Creatrix that has one foot on each side of the veil bringing forth the messages, medicine, and magic the world needs to become whole once more.


Together we can heal the wounds of competition and step fiercely into cooperation and remembering that there is enough for everyone!


This healing is massive... and it begins with each individual stepping into our unique gifts to the world.


The change begins with us, in our families and communities... offering the transmission of the magnetic to each other... inviting each other into connection rather than division.


Do you feel me?






Let's play together for 9 weeks and turn on to the joy and delight of Divination and trusting ourselves!


In our nine weeks together we will explore these modules, one each week:


Module One: Setting Space - Earth - How to set your space, allies, cards spreads, Direction North, Bear, befriending your cards, and more...


Module Two - The Suit of Pentacles


Module Three: Trusting your Channel - Air - instinctual intuition, mind vs channel, self trust, Direction East, Hawk, and more...


Module Four: The Suit of Wands


Module Five: Feeling the Pulse - Fire - the body as messenger, sensing the client, entrainment, the Dance of Divination, Direction South, Snake and more...


Module Six: The Suit of Swords


Module Seven: Going Deep - Water - emotional intelligence, feeling the cards, feeling the client, energy protection, allowing the cards to deepen, Direction West, Whale and more...


Module Eight: The Suit of Cups


Module Nine: Cycles and Initiations - Ethers - The Spiral, The Major Arcana, Directions of Above, Below, Within and Without, befriending the Shadow, and more...



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©2022 by WyldFempyre™ 


Who is The Feral Tarot for? Whether you are newer to your Divination journey or you've been playing for awhile but still lack confidence in your intuitive skillset - this experience is for you! I designed this program to offer the foundational basics for any Divination practice with a healthy focus on the Tarot specifically. The intention of this course is to INspire participants and support them in reclaiming their own unique instinctual intuition and connection to Great Mystery. The skills and relationships developed in this program can support you in greater intuitive knowing and more robust connection with the magic of life. Every Reader is different and our differences will be celebrated and deepened during this potent 9 weeks of activation and fun!

Who is The Feral Tarot NOT for? This program is NOT for you: If you are looking for someone to tell you exactly what each card represents and give you a specific and rigid way of reading Tarot. If you have a very specific or rigid way of doing things and you are not open or curious about learning a new way. If you enjoy judgement, criticism or shaming.

How does The Feral Tarot work? We spend 9 weeks together in a healing and learning field with commUNITY that includes: 9 Group Calls (a place to get all your Q's answered, practice the skills for that week and share the messy feelings that come up when we are learning new things) 9 Modules of Content (while this includes some basic information on the cards themselves, the main focus will be building the skills needed to be confident in your wild Divination practice) Private Facebook Group with: 1. A weekly thread posted every Moonday where I will answer all your Q's! This is an invaluable opportunity to get direct guidance to all your curiosities! 2. An invitation to Go Live and read cards for your fellow students as practice 3. Weekly reminders and opportunities to share what arose in your practice! 4. Spontaneous office hours as the group needs and Lives from Wyld as Great Mystery requests...

Are there any private sessions? This program does not include any personal 1:1 sessions... however as part of this experience you receive 15% off all goods and services from Wyld Fempyre during the 9 weeks of this program! This bonus gives you access to private sessions at the reduced rate of only $99. You will receive a special calendar link and discount promo code when you register for the course. It is recommended that you invest in at least one session with Wyld at some point this year to truly experience the sensation of sitting with a Seer and to witness the skills you are learning in real time. This reduced rate also applies to mentorship sessions if you would also enJOY spending dedicated time with Wyld discussing your personal practice or receiving guidance on building your own Divination business. Sessions can be purchased in advance and used anytime during the calendar year. If wishing to purchase in quantities of 3 or more, please email to receive an even better discounted rate! Payment plans are always available upon request.

When are the Group Calls? Group Calls occur online via zoom every Thursday from 5:30-6:30pm PST on the following days. June 29 July 6 July 13 July 20 July 27 Aug 3 Aug 10 Aug 17 Aug 24 Calls last approximately one hour - if my schedule allows we may go 90 minutes on certain evenings (if the conversation is juicy and everyone is receiving value.) Please note these calls are intended to be an interactive experience! Come ready to step out of your comfort zone, ask Q's, share feelings and practice skill building in large and small groups.

How long is the program? The Feral Tarot runs for 9 weeks from June 29, 2023 - Aug 24, 2023

Is there a scholarship available? Wyld values accessibility, learning and healing for all BEings who desire it. There are a limited number of scholarships for this particular program as well as multiple payment plans which have been developed to aid in accessibility. If you feel deeply drawn to this work and need scholarship assistance to attend, please email Wyld at with your request.

What if I change my mind about my investment or feel unhappy with my progress? Unfortunately there are no guarantees in healing and Divination work and no refunds can be offered for services rendered. Due to the intimacy and limited enrollment, refunds cannot be offered unless extreme emergency occurs. Thank you for understanding that this is my life's work and what feeds my family. I truly appreciate being seen in this way! Please take your time feeling in and invest in this work only if you sense a full body YES! I promise you will receive my devotion, that you will be provided a deeply held space in which to find yourself and your flavour of Divination and that magic can happen in these sacred spaces when we come together to play in Great Mystery. You will get out of this program in equal measure to what you choose to invest into it with your presence, energy and time. Come ready to be ALL IN!

I'm new to healing and Divination and feel called to your container but I'm a little hesitant or nervous. Can you help me decide if this program is right for me?

I totally understand - this is a big investment and can be a little scary!  If you would like to ask Q's or receive support, please feel free to schedule a Clarity Call and we can meet privately to support your decision!

Is your work inclusive (particularly for BIPOC, Trans or gender expansive folks)? Are your containers safe? This is a big question and I'm here for it! It feels important to own that I am a cis, white woman who has lived privilege as well as all the blindspots that whiteness entails. I have been a feminist since my teenage years and am now doing my healing in remembering that all humans have been harmed by empire, patriarchy, capitalism and white supremacy... including male bodied humans. I have been doing my own personal racism work since 2017 with paid containers, books and white bodied grief groups. I also work with and socialize with trans healers and gender expansive friends who have supported me in expanding my understanding of gender and the binary. I am also a messy human who tries her best and still makes mistakes. I am available to be called forward compassionately and to continue my education when these inevitable mistakes arise. I appreciate being educated and also do not expect additional emotional labor to be spent on my education. I am available for a call forward anytime at I do not claim to hold perfectly safe spaces... because the work I do or the body I inhabit may feel unsafe to you based on your own trauma history and perspective and it would be naïve of me to think otherwise. What I can promise is that I hold containers with the purest intention of feeling respectful, in reciprocity, in integrity, aligned to our shared dignity and for your best and highest growth. My containers are also edgy, may trigger sensations that are uncomfortable and may bring darker emotions or memories to the surface for tending. I live in devotion to Great Mystery and on this path, I am often instructed to enter The Underworld with a client. The Underworld is inherently uncomfortable and might feel unsafe even with a is important to know this and take ownership of your experience. If this possibility feels inaccessible or highly triggering at this time - I trust you to know this and make a choice that best supports where you are in this season of your life! I personally believe life is inherently dangerous and true safety is felt from the inside out when we develop deep self trust and reside IN our bodies with full Self Response-Ability. I operate all my work from this basic premise of respecting your own ability to respond to your life and to cultivate safety within your own skin, independent of me. AND I will hold impeccable, respectful space and provide a level of basic safety and care that far exceeds that of mainstream interactions... but I cannot presume my idea of safety will match yours exactly (because we are all so nuanced and have different needs). It feels better to call my containers brave, sacred spaces designed with dignity for all.

Do you guarantee specific transformation? I wish I could...but no. There are no guarantees in life, Divination or in healing. But what I can guarantee is my full presence and support for you. I can offer you the testimonials of other clients' profound experiences. I can guarantee I will support the fuck out of you, listen deeply to your goals, desires, intentions and story and help guide you to a new level of self intimacy and self trust. What you do with that level of support is completely up to you!

Any unanswered questions? No question is too big or too small! Shoot them to Team Wyld at

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