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The Feral Tarot is unlike any other Tarot course you have considered... because her focus is on developing your own instinctual intuition.
We will of course be investigating the individual cards, card groupings, setting up spreads and several different ways of reading the cards (elementally, numerically, traditionally)
But of more importance to me - I want every participant to walk away from this course feeling confident in what moves through their own innate channel and to develop trUSt in their unique voice and perception of the cards.
We will spend 9 weeks together in good company!
This course includes:
9 Modules of Transmissions (yours for life)
9 Coaching Calls for all your Q's (recorded if you can't make it live)
Private FaceBook commUNITY to practice and get feedback from me
To be Feral means to remain wild after attempts at domestication have been thwarted... my desire is to reawaken your own ancient divination roots and to rewild your belief in your own intuitive prowess!

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We begin on April 27, 2023…



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