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Wyld's signature Rebirth Initiation package... 
a deeply transformational coaching experience designed for those who are ready to commit, to look at and shift their patterns and to REBIRTH themselves into empowered essence!


This experience is perfect for those moving through major transitional spaces such as:
Divorce/Relationship Ending
Empty Nest
Career Change
Lack of Joy
Loss of Spark and Sensuality
Reconnection to Pussy and Love of Life
Emotional Release + Reconnection
This in depth journey is for those who have been broken open and are ready to reclaim their power, redefine themselves and REBIRTH into their next new version after being disappointed by life and unsure of where to place their energy or how to find their joy again.
A uniquely crafted journey designed specifically for each client based on the allies and visions that arise once the request for information has been made.
Once you feel the pulse of receiving an Intimate Rebirth experience, please reach out and inquire HERE. 
After receiving your precious inquiry, I will meditate over the course of nine days (as 9 is the number of Rebirth) with your request and intentions until I receive the transmission from Great Mystery on what medicine would be most supportive for YOU.
Once the download is complete, I will email you with the specifics as gifted to me on your behalf.  
You then have the opportunity to review the offering, ask questions and, if desired, schedule a complimentary Initiation Curiousity Session where we discuss the offered framework, address any of your concerns and make any adjustments if requested.
You will be exquisitely held throughout the inquiry process with ZERO pressure or obligation to commit.  
It is of utmost importance to me that each Rebirth Initiate begins their journey only with a fully embodied YES!
This process is utterly magical and truly unique to each client... 
It is such an immense delight to connect to my people in this way.
The common elements of these delicious coaching packages are:
Moonthly Personal Medicine Sessions (1-3 depending on your needs)
Consistent Coaching support via Voxer app (where you can access daily support)
Ceremony to open and close the container
Special products and gifts as requested by Great Mystery
Complimentary Inclusion into any Mistress classes offered
Details beyond these will be divinely guided and authentically crafted to meet YOUR needs once your inquiry is received.
To begin the process and gather more information, please submit an inquiry HERE.
When was the last time you have been seen, held and supported so deeply?
A Rebirth Initiation is the type of personal work that shifts your life forever... reclaim your joy, own your magic and decide who you are and how you show up to life with this beautiful journey!
I look forward to sharing space with you.
Leaning on her intuition and deep connection to Great Mystery along with 28 y
ears of embodied practice, Wyld instinctively senses what each guest is deeply longing for and uses her wide variety of skills to support her clients in stepping out of the rigid cages of their old life and into the spaciousness of living from a place of power.
During our time together, you may experience any of the following offerings. 
• Divination
• Truth Transmission 
• Tarot 
• Bones
Emotion Release Work
• Vulnerability Practice 
• Intimate Inquiry
• Body Presencing
• Tuning Forks
• Sound Healing
• Energy Attunement
• Energy Clearing
• HERbal Offerings
• Reiki
• Magical Practice Suggestions 
• Spiritual Guidance + Support


Wyld brought in so much guidance and meaning from all her tools that it felt like I was being held and surrounded by the rich and intimate network of nourishment my soul had been longing for. Wyld’s support has been huge for me in terms of boosting my sense of confidence around making the best decisions for my body, sexuality, and my health. After our session, I’ve noticed beautiful synchronicities and openings around the topic we focused on and really just feel such a renewed sense of self-devotion.

Nova R.

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