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Let 2024 be YOUR year to craft and cultivate a life you love…with the support you deserve.

Let 2024 be YOUR year to craft and cultivate a life you love…with the support you deserve.

A Year of Magic is a very special way of devoting some consistent time and energy to self care

and magic throughout your year!


It can be soo easy to forget to schedule the self love appointments.  


It can feel overwhelming to try to fit things into the calendar each season.


Yet if you don't make it a priority for yourself - who will?


This is not another online course, doctor visit or dull annual routine thing... A Year of Magic is a full year of tuning in to what you desire and discovering exactly who you are in this moment!


This is more than self care; it's Soul Care.


It's committing to yourself for a couple hours every season to check the fuck in with yourself in the company of someone who has made self intimacy a devotion.


This is not just Tarot Card Readings - this is creating a launching pad for your future thriving.


So ask yourself the following questions...

• Are you a person who used to love making New Year’s Resolutions but now feels disappointed by all the times they didn’t get accomplished and you crave change?


• Do you hunger more magic and mystery in your life, but just don’t know how to invite it in?


• Would you like to attune more to the true seasonality of life and the lunar rhythms?

Then A Year of Magic is the offering for you!

With this commitment, you receive:


• A Winter Solstice Session

• A Spring Equinox Session

• A Summer Solstice Session

• An Autumn Equinox Session

• A Birthday Session


Five rhythmic sessions to keep you tuned up and inspired by the adventure of YOUR life! 

Not only do you receive all the above are also placed on my Altar and aided in my daily magical practices.  You will be gently supported energetically in your desires all year long!


AND you have full permission to email me all year long to celebrate what shifts you make, share what has aligned from each reading, and in general feel the warmth of knowing someone who cares is literally tracking you all along the way.


All this for only $599 is a no-brainer with easy monthly payment plans.


If you feel the pulse...say yessss!

Pay Full price for $599
Or pay in twelve moonthly installments of only $50

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