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Craft Your Dream Life in 2024

Let 2024 be YOUR year to craft and cultivate a life you love…with the support you deserve.

Are you tired of setting New Year’s Resolutions that never stick?

Life's too short for disappointment. Discover the magic of lasting change.

Craving more magic and mystery in your life?

Turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Unleash the power of the unknown.

Want to attune more to the true seasonality of life and the lunar rhythms?

Find your flow with nature's guidance. Embrace the wisdom of the cosmos.

Introducing A Year of Magic

Your ticket to a year of transformation and empowerment.

What's Inside?

Unlock the secrets of the seasons and lunar cycles with five transformative sessions:

  1. Winter Solstice Session

    • Embrace the quiet power of winter and the first moon.

    • Gain clarity for the year ahead.

  2. Spring Equinox Session

    • Harness the energy of renewal as spring blooms.

    • Set your intentions and watch them flourish.

  3. Summer Solstice Session

    • Bask in the abundant energy of summer and the third moon.

    • Find your inner fire and ignite your passions.

  4. Autumn Equinox Session

    • Navigate life's transitions with grace.

    • Harvest wisdom and embrace change.

  5. Birthday Session

    • Celebrate your unique journey around the sun.

    • Set personal goals and intentions.


Your Year of Magic Awaits

Each session offers insights, guidance, and space to:

  • Ask questions

  • Gain wisdom

  • Break addictions

  • Create new patterns


Discover the adventure that is YOUR life!

All This for Only $599

That's less than the cost of four sessions!

PLUS - Flexible Payment Plan Available

Make magic accessible with our easy payment plan.

Limited Availability

Grab your spot before they disappear like magic!

Ready to Say YES?

If you feel the YES in your bones, join us below.

Pay Full price for $599
Or pay in twelve moonthly installments of only $50

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