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So... what is this new offering you've been hearing about?


The Sovereign Map: Initiation of the Inner Teenager...

is a 9-week course and group coaching program designed around the needs and lessons of your Inner Teenager.  


Similar to Inner Child work, this course is a juicy exploration of the parts of your psyche that were shamed and disconnected from during the potent time of becoming a woman and transitioning out of childhood.


Our teenage years are meant to be a time of pure alchemy... where we discover our own truth and purpose.  


A time where we take everything we have been taught by our family and culture and hold it up to the truth of our inner self so we can decide if we agree.


Our Ancestors knew to honour this important point in a lifetime and to activate each member of the commUNITY through a valuable Initiation.


Instead, most of us received shame and pressure to conform rather than to offer our unique perspective and place in commUNITY.


We entered puberty and sexuality from a place of confusion rather than curiousity and joy.


We entered the workforce from a place of scarcity and obligation rather than an expression of our innate gifts.


We were taught to trust external sources of power rather than our own instincts, our own bodies, and our own fascinations.


I often hear from clients that before this work, they felt like life was living them rather than being the owners of their lives.


Within this body of work, we will explore 9 Gateways to the Inner Teenager that may not have been honoured within you. 





Self Response-Ability






Once we honour these parts and Initiate ourselves through the Gateways of the Inner Teenager...

We regain our sense of power, purpose, and instinctual knowing.  

We deepen into Great Mystery with a sense of awe rather than fear.

We more deeply love ourselves ~ mind, body, heart, and soul.


In this course, we will also deeply explore the concept of Initiation and how to create a memorable and transformational Initiation for yourself.


We will investigate the Drama Triangle through the lens of being a teenage girl by naming and reframing the archetypes of the Good Girl, The Angel, and The Mistress.


By following The Sovereign Map, we begin to do the work necessary to release ourselves from these first levels of programmed domestication.


We Become Sovereign.

Becoming Sovereign means integrating the Inner Teenager and completing the Initiation into Maturity... it is a step towards becoming a True Elder in this lifetime and owning our Creatrix power!.


This intimate experience is exactly what you might be craving if you struggle with:




Selt Trust

Self Intimacy

Claiming Space

Self Belief

Alone Time


If we did not receive these teachings as teenagers, we must do the work now to integrate them as adults.

In The Sovereign Map: Initiation of the Inner Teenager, we will be exploring the 9 Gateways of Integrating the Inner Teenager through these delicious modules...

Space:  We will explore Space in a completely new way.  It's not all about taking Space away from the other humans and responsibilities in your life... but rather fully inhabiting and filling up the Space that is YOURS to take up!  In this module we explore where you might be unconsciously playing small, playing the Good Girl (victim), and what taking up Space means to your Inner Teenager.


Solitude:  In Module Two, we investigate really enjoying being alone!  Often we equate alone with lonesome or lonely... but when Solitude is chosen on purpose it creates a vastly different experience.  We will explore what being alone has meant in the past and what your Inner Teenager wishes it could mean for you now.

Silence:  We live in a loud and intrusive world of media, mayhem, and glitz.  Our Inner Teenager knows exactly how to cull the noise and come home to what you desire.  Silence doesn't necessarily mean full quiet!  It might be silencing the chatter and choosing an album to listen to in its entirety while lying on the floor doing nothing else.  In this module, we reclaim your birthright to silencing all the cultural voices that want to influence you and owning what gets to take up space in your mind.

Self Response-Ability:  Our Inner Teenager represents the time in life when we are designed to step away from our parents as the guide and step into the self-confidence of being our own authority.  Our culture has encouraged instead for most of us to lack inner authority and to look for others in the hierarchy to guide us.  This creates archetypal behaviours like the rebel or martyr (angel)  In this module, we explore this concept and begin to unravel what patterns we have unconsciously chosen.

Safety:  This is a big module!  In this lesson, we will explore what safety means to us and how chasing safety has disconnected us from the healthy risk-taking our Inner Teenager wants for us.  Taking risks is an enjoyable and necessary part of a truly satisfying life... one we can reclaim at any age!

Sensuality:  During our teenage years, most of us received the narrative that sensuality equals sexuality and that was something saved for marriage.  We were placed in the villain (the seductress) archetype if we explored the sensual part of ourselves.  This repression can be so painful and truly disconnect us from our sweet animal bodies.  In this module, we investigate coming home to the body and allowing our sensual pleasure to be innocent and have a place in our daily life.

Savoring:  Taking our time with our senses.  Smelling our food or our lover.  Tasting the coffee each morning.  Enjoying the ritual of body oiling.  Deeply listening to a piece of music.  Allowing a sunset to be breathtaking because we fully see it.  In this module, we begin to implement a strategy for savoring our precious time in the ways our Inner Teenager really values and appreciates.

Silliness: In module 8 we lighten up!  It is time to play, to be silly, and to stop giving so many fvcks about what others think of us.  When our Inner Teenager is whole, healthy, and confident - we step into the power of being messy and majestic.  We start to recognize that authenticity IS power and that being powerful and owning our ride is actually FUN!

Surrender:  The Inner Teenager knows through the potency of puberty how to surrender to what is.  In this final module, we explore how being in surrender to the flow of our lives is ultimately the most sane and comfortable way to live.  Your body is aging and changing every day... your Inner Teenager knows how to reconcile this and still enJOY the ride.  In this module, you will also be invited to create your own Initiation process.


The Sovereign Map: Initiation of the Inner Teenager is a 9-week Group Coaching experience that follows these 9 Gateways of the Inner Teenager.


Inside this experience you will receive:

9 modules on the Gateways

Private Facebook CommUNITY

Bonus content on The Arc of Initiation and The Drama Triangle of the Teenage Girl

15% off all Wyld Fempyre products and services during the course



Investment for this luscious program of juicy fun is only $333 with a $33 moonth payment plan available!

If you have any questions, drop 'em HERE!

Enrollment is Closed

The Sovereign Map: Initiation of the Inner Teenager

Be part of the next journey in 2024

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