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With the Holy Boundaries™ 28 Day Email Challenge you will have a better understanding of boundaries, how to implement them, and the support to create more of them for yourself in only one Moon cycle - guaranteed - or your money back.

My name is Wyld Lee of Wyld Fempyre LLC.  My mission on this planet is to burn down our collective conditioning and programming one woman at a time… and I trust that this program is such a powerful gateway into the realm of women’s empowerment that I personally guarantee it!  
🔥Are you ready to reclaim your innate wisdom and instinctual power?
🔥Do you wonder if you even understand what a boundary is or how to have one?
🔥Are you tired of feeling like your life is living you instead of you living your life? 
I believe one of the first steps in unraveling our own domestication is by 
We have all been raised in a culture that depends on women being polite, anxious, and disconnected from one another so we stay small and keep things running without complaint.
We have been taught to question our own true and valid needs for safety, pleasure, space, and the ability to choose how we spend our time and energy.
This culture has led to generations of women who lack vitality, who feel drained by life, who feel unseen, unheard, and don’t trust themselves.  
Women who derive their sense of self worth from their productivity or from the ways in which they are of service to others.
Women who are exhausted, depleted, anxious, depressed, and searching desperately for their joy.
I know this…because I was Her.
I have played all the archetypes:
The Quiet Daughter
The Good Girl
The Perfect Girlfriend
The Body Obsessed 
The Selfless Mother
The Meticulous Homemaker
The Over Spender
The Ashamed Divorcée
The Overtime Hustler
The Poor Single Mother
All these faces that never felt wholly like me…
All these personas that I played because I didn’t realize I had the authority to say NO.
To own my time, my space, and my energy.
That I was response-able for my own joy.
And that to protect my joy, I needed to own my HOLY BOUNDARIES.
Holy Boundaries are your best friend.
When we decide that our pleasure, desire, and satisfaction come first - we truly begin to cultivate a deeper vitality that can benefit not only ourselves but our people and our work in more sustainable and delicious ways!
There IS a way to bring more joy into your life!
It all begins with Holy Boundaries…
In this simple, easy to implement challenge you will learn:
• Why boundaries are sacred
• Types of boundaries 
• How to create them for yourself
• Why this work is so important for women
• Healing crossed boundaries 
• and so much more!
I have designed this Email Challenge to be simple, easily digestible, and yet potent enough to support you in creating lasting change in your life.
With a minimal investment, you will complete a single Moon cycle feeling inspired, curious and fierce about defining and upholding YOUR Holy Boundaries!
You, my love, are worth the investment!
And if after the 28 days of investing in yourself by reading the emails, following the prompts and engaging in the experience, you feel the expectations given here were not met… you can request a full refund, no questions asked!
That is how strongly I believe in the work I offer.
I believe it is our birthright to heal ourselves and my path to support other women in this healing.
I want all women liberated and thriving with clean Holy Boundaries.
And so it is!
I am so excited to begin this journey with YOU…


Choose your payment option below!


Pay in full $99 

Pay in 3 - $33

a moonth for 3 moons

Pay in  - $11 

a moonth for 9 moons


This has been and continues to be such a powerful tool for me. The magic is strong. The transformation is real.

I am so in the thick of it. Thank you


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