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Corporate Events + Corporate Retreats

Wyld loves exploring how spirituality, vulnerability and business can work in tandem to create both efficiency, satisfaction and improved human relations.  When companies invest in their employees, the ROI is profound!


Imagine how supported and nurtured your team will feel after experiencing deep emotional intelligence and communication skill building.  


Or how connected they will feel after having fun with each other and sharing their aha moments from their private reading!  


You can even combine a few to create a fully comprehensive Retreat experience where your team will have personal and group breakthroughs and walk away feeling seen, heard, and ready to work together.


  • Vulnerability Practice Circles - bring teams closer and create bonds that improve working relationships and employee longevity

  • Self Care Workshop - support your team in building resilience and career longevity through excellent self care.

  • Boundaries Workshop - help your team find their voice and take ownership of their work and their effect on the business.

  • Self Worth Workshop - support team who are overly critical or stifled in their creativity to unleash their unique skills and step into the spotlight.

  • Tarot Party - a fun and distinctive way to make your next corporate event memorable and lively!

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