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Zodiac Reading for September

The Tarotscopes are offered to you by Wyld Lee of Wyld Fempyre. These lil readings are a combination of the Tarot with your Astrology Sign to give you some inspiration for your moonth! If these delight you and you are curious about woring with Wyld, check out her other offerings HERE at Currently, The Holy Boundaries™ 28 Day Email Challenge is underway and ready for you... better boundaries in one moon Cycle (or your $ back). ARIES Temperance This moonth you are invited to investigate what patience means to you. How do you move with this idea - patience? How do you regulate your impulsive nature so that you make decisions that are more sustainable for your future? This is the medicine for you this moonth if you choose to take it. Slowwww down... TAURUS Seven of Wands This moonth you are invited to begin adding some mental strategy in your life! You have a tendency to be more present and in your body, which is wonderful; however, if we wish to truly moonifest something in our lives, it requires a map and the direction in which we are going. Now is the time to consider where you wish to end up in the future! What is the goal of your creativity? GEMINI Four of Wands You are being invited into some playful recreation at this time, particularly Play of the imagination. This is your moonth to dream big, and in ways that excite and fascinate you! These dreams should not be about making money; they should be about living out your deepest desires. Who did you want to grow up to be as a child? How can that energy be alive in your world today? CANCER Ten of Pentacles This moonth calls you dear Cancer to come to completion around anything causing stress in your sector of home and finances. You're ready for next level maturity in these areas and its absolutely nothing personal- just time to uplevel! How are your investments, your future planning, your savings... its your opportunity to make these offerings of safety a priority! LEO Two of Cups Emotional moonth for my friend and one that comes with some big choices. The curiousity from the cards is this - where are your feelings not being met? What relationships need to have some convos about respect or reciprocity? Where are you wearing your heart on your sleeve and finding that you get hurt? It's the time to make some protective adjustments for your own benefit. VIRGO Ace of Swords It's a brand new cycle for you Virgo - one of action!!! You are so good at planning things you love... what might happen if you plan the things you avoid this moonth instead? And better yet, start taking action towards that strategy! What parts of life do you ignore? Relationships, money, career, power - whatever it is, give it your full attention and take a step in a new direction! You will be so glad you did 6 moons from now. LIBRA Queen of Swords Librans, this is your time to uplevel your personal disciplines and practices. For yourself. It doesn't matter what others say or think! You are diving deeper into this realm for YOU. Start the yoga practice, write in the journal, cut out the caffeine - whatever things you know would be supportive, this is the most sublime time to commit! SCORPIO Nine of Wands While you often feel intuitively skeptical for good reason...this moonth invites you to consider the mind and how it may be overreacting sometimes. Not everyone is trying to scam you or break your heart. This skepticism might be keeping you from some genuinely intimate relationships and people who could inspire you to a new way of living...if you can soften enough to consider the possibilities. SAGITTARIUS Five of Swords Crunch time dear've been procrastinating on taking action on something in life. Maybe for good reason, but now the pausing is no longer serving you. It's time for action! Time to stop mind mapping, time to stop blaming and just Do The Thing. It feels heavy to begin, but once you shoot your arrow and decide the goal, nothing can stop you! CAPRICORN Eight of Pentacles What are you building this winter Cap? Literally or metaphorically, this moonth is actively inquiring about your plans to complete this year. What have you built? What projects need completion? What direction are these projects taking you? And do you still like that course?? If not... the time to shift direction is now before the Equinox. AQUARIUS Ten of Swords This moonth holds the medicine of completion for many signs and this includes you. It is time to complete whatever is currently in motion and plan a celebratory pause. You are being called in the coming moonths to deeply vision the next 5 years of your grand cinch up the loose ends now and make space for the new! PISCES Queen of Cups This moonth will feel deep, emotional and possibly challenging for you sweet Pisces and the Wheel turns and the light starts to dim. But that's ok because you know how to tend your big heart and big feelings! Get in water, drink soothing teas, walk in the morning, cry whenever needed and just keep the energy flowing so it doesn't get stuck! If you wish to diver deeper, Wyld is available for private sessions, group programs and more! Visit her website at to learn more...

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These lil readings are a combination of the Tarot with your Astrology Sign to give you some inspiration for your moonth! ARIES Justice This moonth represents a time where life is demanding balance and

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The Tarotscopes are offered to you by Wyld Lee of Wyld Fempyre. These lil readings are a combination of the Tarot with your Astrology Sign to give you some inspiration for your moonth! If you are curi


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