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Queen of Pentacles

This moonth sweet Aries is asking yet again for your maturity...this is the third moonth in a row if I am remembering correctly!  This Queen firmly requests that you get your house in order literally and figuratively.  Time to spring clean!  Time to reorganize your office.  Time to look at the bank statements and create a budget around how you would like to be with money.  The Queen of Pentacles is a benevolent mistress full of gifts if you listen to her...and if you ignore her, whatever stress you have been feeling will simply become magnified.  Best to follow the energy here and do the tasks you've been avoiding!


The Chariot

What a lovely card for you this moonth Taurus!  An opportunity to complete an old cycle and begin anew with a fresh perspective.  This Chariot pattern feels connected to the realm of being seen.  What ways have you been preventing yourself from being seen and acknowledged in your life?  What skills have you quietly been developing that wish to shine?  What improvements at work have you made that deserve a possible raise?  The Chariot always says things will change sooner or later - best to be in the drivers seat of your own life.


Ace of Pentacles

A brand new cycle of being more grounded is available to you this moonth Gemini!  This Ace gives you full permission to let go of any immature way of BEing that no longer serves.  This is the natural order of living.  We play with certain extreme habits (like partying, being haphazard with hearts and money) or their opposite (being rigid and uptight, not taking any risks) until we feel inside ourselves that they are not giving the reward we once received.  So whether you once chased release or control; this moonth invites you to think outside the norm and consider a different road.  The Middle Path.  Perhaps not as exciting or confining - but much more sustainable.


Queen of Cups

Oh dear Cancers, this moonth is a deeply felt one for you.  This Queen holds the heartstrings and insists on giving time and space to the feelings you've been avoiding.  And not only space to feel them yourself, she also really wants you to begin sharing them with those you trust.  This is not always your way but this moonth, you will be sincerely rewarded for your bravery!  Step out of your comfort zone and trust you've chosen people who can hold your big feelings with you.  Give them a chance to really see that sofy gooey center.


Ace of Cups

A new emotional cycle is upon you courageous Leo!  A time to release the old baggage you've been carrying around some wound from the past.  Holding onto resentment is only harming you in the long run.  By focusing on past hurts, we can close off to new experiences and explorations.  Your sSoul needs adventure, and this moonth is an adventure of the heART.  So make peace with old ways you've been misunderstood and make space for new relations, friends or lovers to come in.  Let your chest relax, your belly soften and be open to the invitations that will come your way.


Four of Wands

What a sweet relief this moonth will be for you Virgo.  An opportunity to let go of the thinking mind and let a little more inspired playfulness into your life.  The winter was heavy for you and this card suggests it is time to let the energy of spring in!  Let the calendar be more spacious. Make fewer appointments (unless they are things like sit in sunshine, eat cake, play games).  Stop racking your brain for the 'right' thing to do and settle into just being present.  The next step will make itself known without you needing to worry about it.


Page of Cups

April is an emotional time for you Libra - one that clearly requests you give yourself some major solitude so you can be very attuned to the truth inside your emotions.  This current culture often disparages our emotions.  And it is true- if we are unregulated, our emotions can lead us to dramatic overreactions and heated choices.  But when we gift ourselves solitude and feel the feelings to completion, on the other side is the nugget of truth that sparked the emotion in the first place.  And the piece of data is crucial in making clear decisions that have our best interest at the center.  So don't ignore or repress those feelings anymore - use them wisely to inform the big choices coming your way.


Wheel of Fortune

Of all the Zodiac, you Scorpio have what it takes to work with The Wheel of Fortune the most.  This is a card of Great Mystery herself, and as such can feel very disorienting and liminal.  Just like you!  I am reading this card like an omen for you to keep following the path you have already laid out for yourself - just start paying closer attention to signs along the way.  This is a moonth where unknown obstacles and opportunities will present themselves and often you won't know which is which until much later!  Just keep following your feet and trust your gut.  Things will make sense later...


Seven of Wands

Ok Sag, this moonth is made for you to take the reins and really be the captain of your ride!  It can be challenging for you to apply yourself to things when you aren't immediately good at them...but this moonth you are invited to let go of any self criticism and fully apply yourself to that which calls.  Even if you aren't yet skillful, you will become skilled quickly with the right mindset and direction.  Setting long term goals that take time to achieve is good for you.  Think of shooting that Sagittarius arrow out into the nethers!  You will find deeper life satisfaction when you always have an arrow you are moving towards.


Eight of Swords

This is a moonth of getting definitions straight.  Time to take stock of life and be really honest with yourself. Dear Caps, you are so hard working and responsive to life.  Such an admirable quality that can sometimes lead you to taking on more than your fair share.  So this moonth, you are invited to make a list of all the things you have on your plate.  On this list, make three columns.  Commitment, responsibility and obligation.  Commitments are precious tasks that you feel strongly about like writing a book or building a home.  Responsibilities are tasks you've taken on that you will complete because it is correct for you - like raising children or doing your laundry.  Obligations are things you've said yes to in order to please others or to be seen in a certain light but now they feel like a slog.  Fill this list in full honesty - then do what you can this moonth to release as many obligations as possible!



A potent moonth of rebirth awaits you sweet Aquarius if you are willing to let go of the things that aren't correct for you anymore.  Often The Death card feels heavy because we are unaccustomed to seeing loss as the grand gift it can become.  Yet the truth is Nature dislikes a vacuum, and whenever we let go and make space, that space will become filled with new energy.  So what wants to die in your life?  An old idea. habit, relationship or job?  Perhaps an old way of talking badly to yourself?  Or an old pattern of being disorganized, lazy or negative?  Whatever it may be, the quicker you release your grip, the faster your blessings can arrive!


Nine of Wands

Sweet Pisces, this moonth is characterized by feelings of anxiety and unrest.  The mind wants to keep you on your toes, questioning every little step and progress.  Yet your way is the way of the heART.  No sense in pretending you are built to think your way through obstacles - you are designed to feel your way through.  Any time the mind gets overactive and you feel yourself looking over your shoulder questioning the past or the viability of the future - pause.  Slow down.  Come back to the heART.  How does she feel at this moment?  What is the next small step that feels correct?  Follow the small heartbeats and you will find progress arrives in ways your brain could not have predicted!

The Tarotscopes are offered to you by Wyld Lee of Wyld Fempyre. These lil readings are a combination of the Tarot with your Astrology Sign to give you some inspiration for your moonth! If you wish to dive deeper, Wyld is available for private sessions, group programs, and more! Visit her website at to learn more...

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