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These lil readings are a combination of the Tarot with your Astrology Sign to give you some inspiration for your moonth! 



This moonth represents a time where life is demanding balance and better boundaries.  Not always your preference sweet Aries, yet you will be so well served if you say yes!  Find balance in your relationships, where you place your energy and your resources.  It’s not always fun, but the long term satisfaction you gain will be well worth the effort!  This is not a time to spread yourself thin.


Ten of Cups

This moonth asks for your heART to give up the old stories of hurt and allow yourself to move forward.  It is time. Feel the feels and then offer yourself freedom. The only one harmed by bitterness is you…and the frequency of bitterness is very damaging to your animal body. Deep breath, feel and let go… the energy that returns if you do will be deliciously nourishing!


Six of Pentacles

This moonth asks that you investigate where you might be over giving out of a desire to belong. Are you saying yes too often when it benefits others more than yourself?  It’s beautiful to be oriented towards to benefit of others - but not if it depletes you.  You are worthy of your own care and attention and your wellbeing must be a priority before taking care of others.


The Magician

Oh what a lovely moonth for you dearest Cancer!  This moonth says it’s time to get creative, to think outside the norm and to let your moonifestation powers out of the box.  Do you know how powerFULL you are??  Let yourself dream, imagine and take inspired actions towards something that feels juicy and alive.  This moonth offers quantum leaps for you if you choose to step into your innate creativity.


The Emperor 

Dear Leo this moonth invites you to take up space which is one of your talents! The caveat- taking up space with leadership in ways that benefit everyone. So wtf does this mean? It means getting clear about what issues and improvements you feel passionate about and begin implementing your influence towards the greater good.  You’ve got rich skills and the world could truly benefit from you taking up some space!


The World

This moonth may feel challenging dearest Virgo, but if you trust the process, you will feel so enriched!  This card suggests a period of deeper non attachment.  This is not your norm - but a beautiful opportunity to practice a new skill!  Where are you rigid? Rules? Physical stuff? Schedules?  Where you experience rigidity; instead practice some softness and flexibility. It will be challenging but oh so good…


The High Priest

This moonth asks you to honour and accept your powerful influence dear Libra.  It is so natural for you to hold a balanced perspective and to see all facets of a situation.  This is an amazing gift that when shared benefits the whole.  Don’t hide the way you see the world - we all need the influence of your balance in these times. Share the dark, the light and how to dance between.


The Fool

Sweet Scorpio, this moonth asks you to take a leap! The Mystery is available and listening and responds most readily to those who jump in full trust.  Can you soften your armor of worry and concern?  Can you trust yourself and life to guide the next right steps of your journey? The softer you can enter this next phase of your spiral, the more you will be surprised! Curiosity is the key.


The Empress

You deserve to feel comfortable in your body, home and space.  It can be easy to minimize our discomfort in deference to the desires of others- but too much leads to becoming a martyr or victim.  This moonth is an invitation to take ownership of your own needs and develop authority in requesting what you need.  Remember every time you honour your needs- you offer permission for others to do the same.


The Star

What a glorious moonth for you!  Step up into possibilities and give yourself permission to dream big, to hope wide and to believe that it can actually be easeful.  You are so attuned to efforting dearest and while lovely; what might it feel like to accomplish as much from a space of ease? Might that be a fascinating experience to try on?  Play with the idea and see what happens!


Knight of Pentacles

This moonth is an adventure in the realm of finances, resources and exploring what risk means to you. An opportunity to develop deeper courage, resilience and faith in life.  Your Soul Work this moonth is to explore and commit to what you have, what you need and what you desire… and then charge forth bravely into the future with positivity and expectation of success.  You are a visionary leader and your example of trust is a powerful gift to the collective.


Seven of Wands

Lovely Pisces, this moonth is time to hold your head high and begin the path forward.  You have been experiencing some mental confusion and disparity lately but now the energy flows smooth - give yourself permission to follow the flow.  You have some unique opportunities arriving this moonth that will propel you towards more prosperity and peace… Say YES!  

If you wish to dive deeper, Wyld is available for private sessions, group programs and more!  Visit her website at to learn more... 


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