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Moonday Message - The Energetic and Emotional Reading for your week!

The Energetic and Emotional Reading for your week!

This week we received


This feels fortuitous as we are heading into the Equinox Portal...a time when balance and flexibility is most needed!

It also feels important to note that 2024 is characterized by the Strength card (each year has its own Tarot card based on the numerology of the card)

We are leaving a Chariot year and side stepping into a Strength year...and this week is our first taster of what that means.

Strength can be uncomfortable as an archetype if we don't loosen our grip on control.

Remember, the Strength card is all about balance and flexibility - the things we so desperately need when things are in chaos or flux.

When this card begins showing up with regularity, it is a sign that Great Mystery is calling us into deeper integration with what IS.

Stop trying to fix your life.

Stop trying to resist your life.

Just BE with what is and see if you can find a softer is often a hard but necessary road to travel if we want to live life honestly.

And the truth is...we never had control.



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