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Moonthly Message for January 2024

Hello friends!

Wyld here with your new Moonthly Message for January 2024.

It's been a while since I have been here visiting you and I'm just so grateful and delighted that you are inviting me into your life and to your space as I am taking a new direction here. Please let me know if you like this!

The questions for 2024 -

Can we start re-orienting to integrity?

What is our new normal and what standard do we hold ourselves to as humans?

What are we collectively deciding to place our energy and efforts towards?

In what ways do my individual contributions matter?

2024 we are encapsulated in the Strength Card in the Tarot.

The Strength Card is not the card about who is the strongest, who can be the bully or the big guy or the leader - ​ it is about who can foster enough balance and flexibility to stay on their feet, stay present, and continue feeling all the feelings that life is calling us forward into. ​ The Strength Card is all about being the one who commits to our practices, commits to our values and our integrity, and then does the work necessary to continue staying soft.

In January we are really being invited to review 2023 to see what were the patterns and gateways that we were asked to move through?

What were the places where we saw just aren't working for me anymore?

We're being invited in this last moonth right here with The Chariot Card to give ourselves some life review time to digest.

What did I accomplish this past year?

What did I change?

What did I begin?

What did I birth?

What died?

What am I proud of myself for?

What am I calling in?

What am I dreaming?

And this has nothing to do with the new year.

This is taking your time all moonth long, and really giving a good place to this last year so that we can step into this Year of the Wood Dragon, and really give it our everything.

This is so exciting!

What does this video spark in you?



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