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Zodiac Readings for February


Knight of Cups tells you dear Aries that this moonth is a time to explore your emotional body more deeply than you've allowed previously. Allow the process to be exquisite. Feelings are a gift to us once we lessen our resistance and simply let them flow like they did in childhood. This could be an amazing time to reclaim this part of yourself.


Seven of Pentacles - for Taurus, February is a moonth to attune your focus towards your work in this world and begin considering devotion. Not just what you do for cash...but what you would truly enjoy influencing and affecting. Are you called to support children? Elders? Your community? Art? Dance? Telling a story? Modeling Self care for others? What is your contribution to this Collective? Deep satisfaction comes from contributing to beauty in these ways...


Ace of Wands - This moonth represents a time of mental reset. This would be an extremely potent time to consider a habit shift or renewal... you would have the mental fortitude to write a new pattern. The moontra for you might be "I choose my mindset.". This can feel difficult for Gemini, as you enjoy having multiple options... but at this moment, clearing choosing a mental path will serve you the most in the long run!


Queen of Wands - Dear Cancer, this moonth you are invited to investigate new ways to support the mental body. Would it feel delicious to try meditation? Are you in a challenging time where it might feel good to speak with someone about your inner conflicts? How can we reframe the definition of mental needs so we get excited about

seeking and receiving support from others. It's totally normal to need to share our stories when we feel overwhelmed by the hardships of life. Full permission to explore!


Page of Pentacles - Lovely Leo, this moonth is an exploration of the physical and an invitation to get curious about getting more in the body and feeling safe in the body. How is your body feeling? Are you feeling well nourished? Strong? Capable? Are your body's physical needs being ignored or well met? Do you enjoy placing your attention on your body in this way of curiousity? If this is not a comfy place for you - this could be a wonderful moonth to increase your comfort level with these self care questions.


Eight of Cups - Virgo, this moonth is rooted in the numerology of the eight. Eights show us a place where we have a recurring pattern that is almost ready to be released. This moonth it is the Eight of Cups - looking at patterns within the emotional body. How do you normally respond when feelings arise? Is this a true response... or a pattern that used to keep you safe but now might be limiting your self expression? Is it time to let the feelings up to the surface just a little bit more?


The Emperor - February is for taking up space dear Libra! The Emperor teaches us that we have a birthright to occupy space... with our body, our thoughts, our creativity and our feelings. Each one of us has this right. To take up exactly the right amount of space needed in any given moment. Sometimes we need less and sometimes we need more depending on our life circumstances. This moonth - you need more! Give yourself permission to experience space!


Rejuvenation - This moonth will feel like a breath of fresh air for you Scorpio. Let it in! This winter has been long for you and it's okay to give yourself a reprieve. The main message of this card is Rebirth. In what way are you ready to reinvent yourself at this time? If we want to receive the full blessings of the Rejuvenation card, it requires a clear letting go of whatever was holding us back before. What belief was keeping you feeling stuck last year? You have good support to let that sh!t go this moonth!


The Sun - Sweet Sag, this moonth is all about being seen for who you are! While this is not always a comfy place for you... it is a place that serves your soul evolution at this time. Take a moment to track any places of dis-ease in your body right now. Are you uncomfortable around certain people? Uncomfortable in certains environs? What is this discomfort trying to teach you? After discovering this information... the next step is how to express it! Who do you need to share this truth with so you can be seen and supported?


The Moon - This moonth is an internal journey for you dear Capricorn. When Great Mystery calls like is best to slow down and take notice. Have you been moving too quickly in life? Has your To Do list been too long and caused hyper focus on productivity? Your soul is calling you back home this moonth. When did you last use your creativity for pure enjoyment? When did you last dance? Or sing? What impractical thing is whispering for your attention? And can you give it some attention - knowing this will bring you more satisfaction?


Seven of Wands - Oh my what a birthday moonth for my lovely Aquarians! This is a moonth to set your course for this year in the realm of manifestation. What do you wish to create? What projects are simmering that feel really inspiring? There is no more time to question yourself or your inclinations - the moontra for you at this time is "I trust my path!" Remind yourself of this whenever the monkey mind makes you question yourself. You CAN trust this path of inspiration!


King of Swords - This moonth is all about BOUNDARIES dear Pisces. All around your life - mind, body, heart and soul. This King reminds us that our boundaries are our first responsibility and that these boundaries actually help us to create deeper intimacy with ourselves and others. If we are too agreeable in areas that actually affect us, we slowly become resentful and dissatisfied. You especially my deep feelers! So let this moonth be a rebirthing of Holy Boundaries - it will support all your relationships in the long run.

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