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These lil readings are a combination of the Tarot with your Astrology Sign to give you some inspiration for your month!


Six of Pentacles

This moonth asks you to consider the word generosity and how it applies to your life and relationships.  Are you generous with your time, energy and resources...or have you been more self oriented lately?  Are there certain relations or activities that you have been giving too generously to and not receiving back in equal measure?  This moonth is a clarity call to be honest with your generosity levels and to balance the places where too much or too little has been the story.  Once this balance is found, a new level of adventure will come online!


Four of Wands

What a glorious moonth of playful rest being called in for you dear Taurus.  A time to pause in making any big decisions and instead trusting that things will work out without you needing to overthink anything.  This would be an amazing time to start or reinvest in an enjoyable hobby such as playing an instrument or working with clay.  This card denotes a time when engaging in things that feel playful and light will best support your mental health and allow more mind space so that problems can be more calmly and readily solved in the future.


Five of Cups

Despite the upcoming Solstice and summer weather, this card suggests you may have a more emotional or discordant moonth ahead.  Don't be taken by surprise if a major miscommunication occurs, particularly within one of your closer or more intimate relationships.  The Fives always speak of unrest or moments of chaos...while these can often be quite uncomfortable, they always lead us forward into greater clarity.  Chaos is Nature's way and these shake ups most often bring new truth and data to the table for consideration.  Don't resist it - look for the lesson and trust.


The Star

What a magical moonth for you! This card is one of the Tarot's brightest and comes with the heartwarming message of good fortune and positive omens coming your direction.  I also read The Star as including our unseen Allies, Guides and Ancestral Supporters from behind the veil.  Let this be the gentle reminder to your Soul that you are never alone and there are so many BEings rooting for your success.  Remember to pray, to request your needs, to soften and quieten enough to feel their presence in the small moments of your day.  When we remember all this support - wonderful new avenues of experience can't help but arrive!


Wheel of Fortune

This moonth is a test for you Leo...the question is, will you stick the landing?  Life always moves and brings us trials and triumphs in equal measure.  This card suggests this moonth will have both and your job is to keep moving, learning the lessons and trusting yourself to find your way.  This can be challenging during the tests - but with a shining attitude and belief in yourself, all challenges can be used for your growth.


The Hermit

It is time for the cave my friend, as The Hermit asks us to honour natural periods of solitude, rest and personal space.  It is in these quiet moments that we find our connection to Source inside ourselves.  This moonth offers your very practical personality a gentle opportunity to go within and find a new layer of Mystery that can guide you in the coming moons and years.  Don't miss the chance by having your calendar overful.


Page of Swords

Time to get back on the proverbial horse dear Libra and rekindle that spark of flame within!  This moonth invites in some fierce fire and action.  Take charge of your airy aspirations and give them some solid aligned action.  Dreaming and doing are two very different vibrations... this moonth marks a phase of doing.  Just know it will be uncomfortable and will challenge your sensibilities that deeply desire comfort, ease and beauty.  But the gorgeousness that will arise from the sweat equity this moonth will be ever so worth it!


Nine of Wands

This moonth has the potential to have you second guessing yourself, your choices or the relationships you are invested in.  Monkey mind sensations.  The remedy of this card is to get very honest with yourself.  Often we lean into doubt because the stakes are getting higher, we are developing deeper feelings or investments into a person or project.  It is helpful to be very clear before committing to things - but once you've done your due diligence and determined things are a yes, doubt can only slow you down.  So gather data, be clear with your desires and then go for it without looking back!


Ten of Swords

This is a moonth of endings and completions dear Sag.  Time to look at the ways in which you are causing your own suffering by being stubborn, obstinate or unwilling to consider the others perspective.  While you are quite intelligent and tenacious - this does not always equate to being correct 100% of the time.  It is good to cultivate humility and a wild sense of possibility... this will be a much more fun adventure for you if you do.  A small loss in ego will return tenfold in delight!


Three of Cups

Let the heART rest easy this moonth sweet Cap.  It has been a deep start to the year and this card suggests a turn of the tides come Summer Solstice.  For now, let the topsy turvy feelings gently come to a pause and simply enjoy the life and relations you have cultivated for yourself.  There is nothing to do, nothing to fix.  Simply BE with your life - the answers will arise from the placid heartspace you cultivate. Let the emotions rest and you will see more clearly next moonth what the next step is.


Knight of Cups

This moonth you would be greatly benefitted by letting your deepest, most sincere feelings be on display for your beloved, family and commUNITY to see.  While you feel deeply, the mental quality of your personality often has you intellectualizing or attempting to justify or make sense of your emotions.  Emotions are not here to make sense or to be logical!  Emotions are not thoughts...they are sensations.  Feelings.  They are meant to be guideposts, red flags and release valves not strategies, documents and plans.  This moonth, practice letting your feelings be felt without preamble and see how the quality of intimacy changes in your relationships.


Great Mystery

Oh the blank card of Great Mystery!  While this can feel uncomfortable to some, this is a space of power for you and your Neptunian influence.  Let yourself lounge in the unknown this moonth.  Follow every impulse, turn down that new street, ask that stranger out to tea, wear something completely new and different and see who or what is attracted to you.  Drive a different way every day.  Journal using your non-dominant hand.  Anything you can think of to cut loose the monotony and open further to Great Mystery and this wise and wild ride will serve you oodles in the coming moons!

May these serve you well!



If you wish to dive deeper, Wyld offers private sessions, group programs and more!  Visit her website at to learn more... 

Wyld also just published her first book - The Transformation Map - available now!  When asked to explain her new book in one sentence, this is what arrived - "I think I have managed to describe the way healing works in terms that are easy to understand for any one aged 13-113 while also offering a clear basic map for any human to begin finding what parts within them are aching to be healed." 

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