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The Transformation Map

A Guidebook for your Soul

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If you are curious and committed to your own healing journey, this experiential book will become the ultimate intimacy and growth support to add to your self-care toolkit!


Combining vulnerable sharing and relatable storytelling with a client-proven map, The Transformation Map gently and efficiently guides you to finding those shadowy origins where your deepest wounds and defenses were first created. Then you can effortlessly see the patterns that plague your life today and why.


Funny, authentic, and real - Wyld Lee helps the reader make peace with their story and rewrite the narrative so that new adventures, new patterns, and new possibilities become available.

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Healing is a lifelong journey... The Transformation Map is like a compass supporting you all along the way.

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What's Inside 


Wyld Lee

The Transformation Map is a project that began as a personal healing plan I crafted for myself amidst an unbelivably painful heartbreak. I finally chose to end some truly ingrained patterning that was running my life and approach my experience in my own truth & power.


It was a journey that began in the dark, filled with trepidation at not knowing the destination. Through trust, dance, creative process and commUNITY, I learned how to provide myseld with time and space for consistent self reflection, focus and inner reorganization within a new paradigm of self love and self care.

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