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Zodiac Reading for April


Three of Wands

This moonth represents a time to get clear on your life strategy! Do you have one year, three year and five year goals? Where are you shooting you arrows into the future? This represents an excellent opportunity to vision! Time slips quickly if we don’t pay attention…


Page of Cups

Dear Taurus, this moonth it’s time to get a lil more vulnerable and share your feelings to the world. I know it’s not comfy… but this is a time to practice! The more we are able to articulate our our feelings in real time…the cleaner relationships become.


The High Priestess

Gorgeous Gemini! This is your moonth to admit to yourself that you hold some wisdom and mastery in this life. Too often we downplay our gifts and skills because we don’t want to be braggarts or seen as selfish…yet this means no one knows of our unique gifts. It’s time to be of service and shine!



This moonth is a cocoon time for you sweet Cancer…let it be. True transformation arrives when we allow what was to have closure and make space for what is BEcoming to be born. Take time to reflect this moonth. Who are you now?


King of Cups

This moonth holds some big feelings dear Leo! This card suggests making spaces for yourself to feel them. When was the last time you attended a Sharing Circle? These can be a men’s circle, women’s circle, nonbinary circle, a circle of shared culture or race etc… there are spaces made for sharing our feelings! And if you can’t find one…maybe it’s time to start one?


Page of Wands

This moonth it’s time to focus on expanding your relationship with your monkey mind. Time for deeper meditation, a new course or creating that business plan or book outline. Your brain needs a job or to be put to focus in a new way… if not you may feel restless!


Nine of Cups

This is a moonth of Rebirth for you beautiful Libra! Particularly in the realm of emotions… it’s an opportunity to reclaim anything that you have suppressed. What emotions are you particularly uncomfortable with? Anger? Grief? Joy? Do some self exploration and spend some time with this less understood emotion- you just might make friends with it this moonth!


Page of Pentacles

This moonth is an exploration of your mundane reality Scorpio- in particular with regards to issues of safety, security and money! Don’t fight it…it’s time to do your numbers, create that budget and get clear on your financial priorities. I know it can be an emotional topic but this moonth offers energetic support in the process!


Seven Of Pentacles

This moonth may feel extra busy as new opportunities for abundance roll in. Sometimes being in flow can feel overwhelming, especially if it’s not our norm. Focus on saying yes to the things that feel good and having clear boundaries around your precious time- you will need to rest.


Eight of Cups

Ending before something feels complete is not your preference, yet this moonth suggests it may be time to bring closure to projects and relationships that aren’t improving - even if you want them too! If it’s not in your control…let it go!


The Hanged One

This is a moonth of presence, patience and perseverance for you clever Aquarians. This is not the time to leap…it’s time to observe and let the next right step present itself. It can be challenging for the mind I know but trust in the transformation process will go far for you this spring…change is coming!


Ten of Cups

Oh Pisces, the biggest feelers of the Zodiac! This moonth offers an opportunity for sweet relief in the emotional body and a time of maturity. You have the support at this time to release an old story that has caused you great pain in the past. It’s time for closure. You will feel so much better…

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