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The emotional and energetic message for this time beginning on the 11th of September, 2023

The Two of Swords

You know I love the two's because they always revolve around CHOICE!

Choice not chance determines destiny - Aristotle

Choice is where our power resides.

Choosing how we respond.

Choosing what we say.

Choosing how we behave.

Choosing whether experiences are obstacles or opportunities

Choosing how we speak to ourselves

So much freaking power inside choice!

This week, I riff on choosing how we experience time, and now...check it out!

Sending love from afar,


P.S. The Holy Boundaries™ 28 Day Email Challenge is in full swing and wow I am so jazzed as the reports from the field come in (you have the opportunity to email me privately during the challenge- a sweet way to get coaching and witness through your program!). It is a true pleasure witnessing as fellow women unravel their domestication and find their voice again. If this appeals to you - check out the details HERE

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