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Here is your emotional and energetic reading for the week

Happy Moonday to you... here is your emotional and energetic reading for the week beginning September 4, 2023

Ace of Swords

This week, we are invited to take some action!!!

I know, I can be exhausting with the overflowing to do list but here's the thing; if we don't listen when Great Mystery comes knocking, it gets more difficult to hear Her in the future.

Our time is precious and without action, life will literally pass us by.

Whatever topics became clear to you last moonth, this week is the moment to take some action on them.

Even if it is just making a plan on paper.

Or making a date on the calendar to make the plan.

Or creating the new to-do list.

Just taking one baby step tells the Universe that you are onboard and in the flow... this is how we open up to receiving the blessings of the unknown!

We create the bones and Great Mystery then has a container to work with.

We can't be moved by life if we aren't playing the game...

I love you!


P.S. Have you heard about my Holy Boundaries™ 28 Day Email Challenge? ​ It's a great way to start playing the game of life a lil differently - from a place of power. ​ Check it out HERE

AND… if you aren’t totally sure if you need Holy Boundaries- I’ve got a sweet lil FREE QUIZ that can help you get more intimate with your current boundaries…check it out!

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