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Blessed Samhain

Blessed Samhain to you beauty...

Oh the field is thick with electric change - can you feel it?

That bit of crunchiness just underneath the skin?

An unnamed, subtle agitation that may have you aching for solitude or finding more sensitivity in your relationships and home...

It's this time of year.

The veil between the seen and unseen is the most transparent and whether we own our connections or not, the animal body feels the spirit realm and is picking up cues and requests from our guides and Ancestors even as you read this missive.

As the Moon Musing offering for this week, I wanted to share a glimpse of what magic is going on behind the scenes here at the Wyld Elder Sanctuary (that's what we call this homestead where my partner and I both work from home!). ​ I'm sharing as a way of creating curiosity and inspiration within you - how might YOU enJOY bringing more magic and intention into your life in this new year? ​

This is my flavor of magic making... if you have questions or wish to share your way of honouring life, hit reply and share!

This week began with an Ancestral Healing Session with one of my support team Keath Silva - it is a foundational belief of mine that we ALL need support in this work of coming home to ourselves (myself included!) and if you feel called to ancestry work, Keath is an amazing resource. ​ I scheduled this session a couple moons ago in preparation for this Witches New Year because I could sense a major shift coming...

This session connected me more deeply to my Celtic roots and I found support in the Goddess Brigid, a triple faced deity I have never really vibed with before. ​ It was really exciting to feel this ancient support in healing my mother line and bringing me closer to myself and my family in a new, more wholesome way.

For those who are unfamiliar with working with Goddess energy - it can be helpful to imagine Her as archetypal energetic expressions of values and experiences one wishes to call into their lives more. ​ The words God/Goddess can feel quite triggering; particularly if we were raised super religious or carry weight around religious trauma from childhood. ​ It can be uncomfortable exploring spirituality when we have been told nature and magic are bad and wrong. ​

For myself, I feel very connected to my Celtic roots and my pre-Christian Ancestors from Ireland and Scotland. ​ To receive a vision of this Goddess has been profound! ​ Brigid (who later became inducted into the church and transformed into Saint Brigid as a way of subduing the people while Christianity and colonization occurred in these areas)- is the Goddess of healing, poetry, wisdom and metal smithing and is credited in Irish mythology as the creatrix of keening (a blend of wailing and singing to express the depths of a mothers grief.)

She is my inspiration this winter on so many levels.

Another piece of her magic is that pre-Christianity; she was honoured by groups of priestesses who would tend her eternal flame. ​ These fires were said to be ringed with thorny rose hedges (a womb of sorts) so no man could view her fire. ​ The pure fire of creativity.

Her legends inspired me to hold a three day pyre vigil in honour of Samhain and as a way of releasing the old versions of myself fully so I can find the next part of my path within the space created. ​

Purification by fire before entering 2024- Year of the Fire Dragon.

So yesterday morning, I began the fire.

I've been feeding the fire everything I wish to release...

Anything that does not feed my soul.

Letters from old lovers.

Pictures from old timelines.

My stack of journals beginning in middle school.

Mementos that don't bring fond memories.

Items that represent any person, place or thing that is no longer welcome in my field.

Oh, the Relief in Release!

I can't yet put into words how liberating this experiment has been!

To just.



I will continue this pyre until after midnight on November 2, ending it with a couple close grrlfriends who are willing to join me in releasing the old and witnessing each other.

I admit, these days are intense - yet a small sacrifice of time and attention for the massive amounts of energy and space I am reclaiming!

Literally boxes of weight have left my closet (those skeletons in the closet are real dude.)

I am realizing they were anchors...holding me back from freedom in an even more embodied way.

Just stuff.

My mind's attempt to hold on to the past when it's already gone.

As more space literally and figuratively is being created, I can feel my creativity coming back online even deeper and sassier. ​ My edgy ways getting sharper and cleaner.

Phoenix practice. ​ I'll post a few pictures on the socials soon for inspiration...

This is the magic swirling here on Mt. Hood, as the Calendula blooms her frosty finale and the Deer saunter through the back field curiously watching me...

What is being stirred in your cauldron? (Remember, your Ancestors magic still lives in is your creativity)

I love you.


P.S. The Year of Magic portal is open for 13 seekers who wish to support themselves over 2024. ​ 4 seasonal sessions, a birthday reading and the knowledge that you've gifted yourself a container for your own growth. ​ If you have a question, send me DM...

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