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The Transformation Map

A journey from broken to broken open

~ release ~ receive ~ reveal ~ recalibrate ~ remember ~

The Transformation Map is a one year committed lunar cycle journey of 13 moons 

where we co~create a clear picture of where you are,

where you have been,

and most importantly where you wish to go.

13 moon cycles for 13 Seekers on a shared path of self discovery.

Through five seasonal Tarot Resonance sessions (each with a specific theme and vision),

weekly email prompts,

check in phone calls and supportive products,

as well as a community of people going through the same experience together

over the course of a full year,

we create a space of deep healing and immense growth potential for each individual. 



13 moons of support, guidance and energy medicine to provide a foundation from which anything is possible...

  • Five tarot card readings done seasonally around the full moon (2-3 hours) at Joywork Cottage (dates/times vary for each participant based on your schedule needs); each session will have a definitive theme and focus based on a different sphere of your life.

  • Sessions will be recorded and available for download via Google Drive

  • A special journal for you to utilize during your 13 moons of transformation

  • A personally crafted olfactory delight to support each realm of the Map ( 5 total)

  • Full assembly of crystal guidance during each session for attunement

  • Tuning forks- used as needed to ground, clear energy, open up the chakra system and enliven the whole body/mind.

  • Option for seasonal phone call during months between readings to have a check in, reset, pull additional cards if a quandary persists, offer support etc. These will be scheduled 30 minutes when it works for our schedules.

  • Weekly email prompt on Moonday with specific questions given for you to really focus on the movement being called into your life.

  • Community ~ If it feels in alignment, you will be included in a private Facebook page where you can have connection and support with the others in the program. Regular posts will ask questions, offer information, and make connections that appear as the collaboration expands in linear time both individually as well as collectively in our intimate group of 13.

  • After four seasons, we will schedule one final reading session, where we review your 13 moons and pull cards for your year ahead to keep you inspired and on your path of transformation!

The Transformation Map exchange is $1111 ~ 

Payment in full receives a $111 discount.

Payment plans are available...if you feel called, let's chat!

I also offer one partial scholarship.

Space is limited to 13 seekers. 

I have been receiving readings from Wyld for years, and the ease at which information and insights flow through her make it evident that she has honed her craft.


The Transformation Map has been an incredibly nourishing support tool for me these past six months.  Having an in-depth reading with Wyld every 3 months has really helped light my path in this time of transformation in my life. (I am turning 40 this year and coming off a year of cancer treatment, what better time to look at myself and my life and examine where I am on my journey.) Every reading just seems to go deeper and bring forth more information to help me know myself and become my best self in this world. The weekly email insights help me remember to tune in and check in with myself in the midst of the chaos of daily life. The monthly mantras give me a focus for a moon cycle that I can really dive into and I use them to transform my thoughts, my being, and my life. It has been a treat to play with the flower essences and to discover how they work with my body and the shift this map is leading me through. The whole experience of the Transformation Map has uncovered so much depth and insight into my life about who I was, who I am, and who I want to be, and how to use that information to heal and grow. It is leading me to who I want to be in this life [OR: to my higher self], and for that I am so grateful!


Amanda G.

Wyld always shines her intuitive wisdom into my life when I am feeling stuck and doubting myself. She is amazing at tuning into my energy and helping to clear any doubts I may have, breathing comfort and inspiration into my soul, leaving me feeling renewed with a clear direction about my path ahead ✨ Karlyn H.

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