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Zodiac Readings for March

ARIES Six of Cups This moonth is a time for you to dig deeper. I know your feelings are not your strong suit, but with a little effort, you have an opportunity to make peace with some part of your past that has really been uncomfortable. This is a time for you to sit with your responsibility as well as your desire for things to change.

TAURUS Two of Swords This moonth marks a Time to choose! No more sitting at the cross roads. It is time to decide. Remember, there is no wrong choice! You are simply deciding if you are going to go left or right. All of life is about experience not about doing the “correct” thing. GEMINI Page of Swords It’s time for a wee bit of risk my friend. What if you take some strong action and see how the people in your life respond to you? What might it feel like to step a little bit out of your comfort zone when it comes to taking a big bold step? This is a good time for you to explore taking a chance. CANCER Three of Pentacles This moonth’s focus is on work my dear. Do you love what you do? Do you find joy in how you spend your hours? If not, why not? This is your life and you get to choose how you spend it. That goes for how you earn your income as well. You always have a choice and it is OK to enjoy what you do. LEO Three of Swords Are you holding on to any resentment or hard feelings? Is there attention in some of your close relationships? Or do you have a lack of close relationships? Because of previous pain? This is a time for you to explore how the past is currently affecting your present relationships. There is an opportunity for greater freedom if you can let your feelings move. VIRGO Rejuvenation What a beautiful time March is going to be for you! Allow yourself to receive. This spring marks a time for you to feel rested and excited about the future. Let yourself enjoy this turn of season by limiting the amount of obligations that you commit to. Let yourself follow your feet for a little while! LIBRA Two of Cups This moonth marks a deeper focus on your relationships. Do you relationships feed your soul? Do they feel in reciprocity? Are you getting your needs met or are you people pleasing and hoping that others will meet your needs? This month represents a time to get serious about how truly satisfying your friendships are. SCORPIO Great Mystery Glorious Great Mystery! This car literally holds it all. This moonth is going to be full of surprises and unexpected possibilities.… if you keep your eyes open and follow the clues. Magic is a foot if we can see the signs and actually track how life unfolds around us. SAGITTARIUS The High Priestess This moonth is powerFULL for you Sag. This is a time for you to consider the concept of mastery. What are you training yourself in at this time? What are you learning? Who do you want to become by the time your birthday rolls around this year? This is the time to get clear on those answers for yourself, and to start making some choices that move you one step closer to your goal. CAPRICORN Five of Cups This moonth is marked by miscommunication, and the possibility of hurt feelings or difficulties within relationships. This is not a problem as disagreements often bring greater intimacy if we can focus on resolution and repair rather than defensiveness. This moonth is an opportunity for you to practice your skills at being in conflict, and not being defensive! AQUARIUS The Lovers This moonth is characterized by the idea of reflection. The Lovers is where we learn how to truly see another person and try to understand them even if we don’t agree. We also practice seeing ourselves reflected in the people we choose to spend time with. Take time this moonth in relationships and ask yourself- Do I like what I see? PISCES The Chariot This is your moonth my friend! And you’ve also received the card if 2023. Prepare to be tested, and to surmount your obstacles as you show up for your life and break some old habits or patterns that truly are no longer in your best interest. It’s time to get off the old ride and stop telling the same old stories. The next new version of you is just waiting right around the corner! Who are you becoming?

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