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Zodiac Readings for January


Ace of Pentacles - January is the marker of a new cycle for you dear Aries! This Ace supports you in getting really grounded and clear around your finances and all things related to your homestead. The keyword for you this moonth is foundation! Focus there and you will be well rewarded.


Two of Swords - a choice is up for you dear Taurus. January is the time to plan your actions for this amazing year of 2023. You are called to take your time and carefully choose the actions you are going to take this year. You have no spare energy to waste. Honor your intuitive NO, and only follow the actions that truly feel like a YES. Put it down on paper so you feel accountable!


Nine of Cups - Allow January to be a time a gentle emotional reflection. What happened in 2022 that needs review? Use this moonth to learn your lessons…and then let that sh!t go!!! Guilt and shame will not serve you this year… it is time for JOY!


Eight of Wands- This moonth may feel busy for you my dear Cancer but remember the urgency is mostly in your head. Deep breath, pull into your shell as often as you need to. If you begin feeling overwhelmed, this is your permission slip to rest, unplug and read a good book or take a walk instead. Seriously, you can let the sense of push go.


Great Mystery - Oh Leo what a gloriously uncomfortable card for you this January! While I know you prefer to shine- the invitation for you this moonth is to go inward and get really still. When we allow ourselves to come fully to a stop and listen is when creativity can surprise us… This moonth is designed to surprise!


The Moon - dependable Virgo, you are invited into the darkness this moonth. You are encouraged to soften your grip on all those plans and follow your gut instead. Cancel that dinner if you feel like it. Say yes to an impulsive invitation to tea. Follow your feet instead of your head!


The Sun - Libra this moonth of January is a time to shine! You are invited to the possibility that you can be bigger and brighter than those around you at this time. Relinquish your attachment to ultimate fairness and try on the possibility of ebb and flow instead. And allow this to be a time where you take up more space!


Rejuvenation - what a delicious card for you Scorpio. This is the card of rebirth. And in this first moonth of 2023 you of all the signs are being seduced into deep transformation. What do you wish to find clarity on? What feels off in your life? The answers you seek at this time will greatly support you in this coming year.


The Emperor - My dear Archer, January is all about taking up space in your own life. Let this moonth teach you all about what brings you joy and delight! This is the time to reassess your preferences, and realign yourself toward your desires. They have certainly changed over the last few years and it appears now is the time for a review of how much space Joy takes up in your particular life.


Eight of Cups - January has a twinge of deep feelings for you this moonth Cap. Of all the signs you truly value your projects and completions most of all. Yet this card suggests it is time to release the unfinished projects and dreams that you know deep in your heart are no longer for you. No more regret! No guilt! No shame! Release so there is space for what is actually yours to flood in.


King of Wands - My dear Aquarians… what a beautiful moonth it is indeed for you! The energies are aligning for you to finally master a segment of your mindset that has been troubling you. This is the time to reactivate that meditation practice in whatever form you appreciate- be it sitting or dancing. You have the power now to make a new container for your thoughts.


Page of Swords - Sweet Pisces, January is a moonth of action for you. No more overthinking or talking yourself out of experience. Take the leap! Jump into the unknown with zest and follow your fascination without delay. It will bring great gifts throughout 2023!

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