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Zodiac Reading for May

ARIES The Tower This moonth things may feel topsy-turvy, and like they are coming at you from all directions. Having obstacles is never a preference yet these are the times that truly define us and support us in becoming our best selves! Remember, whatever difficulties arise, you have the choice of facing them head on and making a plan or resisting them and getting knocked off your feet. Choose wisely.

TAURUS The Empress This moonth is all about having a sense of tenderness and luxury. This would be a good time to reevaluate your self-care practices! How do you tend yourself mind body heart and soul? Do you have practices in all four of these areas? If you do not take ownership of how you are cared for, who will? These are the questions for you to ponder at this time!

GEMINI Three of Wands This moonth is all about gaining clarity around how you create income and abundance for yourself. Are you familiar with your numbers and your needs? This is an excellent opportunity to take some time and get clear on your streams of income and if they are meeting your needs both for now and for the future. the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is right now! The same holds true for your resources.

CANCER Ace of Cups This moonth represents a new beginning for you emotionally! This Ace is a delight to experience… allow yourself to start fresh whether It is a romantic relationship, a friendship, or the relationship with yourself. Everyone deserves a second chance. Emotions can be a challenging space for you, so allow this to be a time of ease and gentle expression of your feelings. LEO Ten of Wands This moonth is offering you a good ending and some closure sweet Leo. The Tens always speak to a cycle or a pattern ending. And every ending creates a rebirth and the possibility of a new beginning! This card says it’s time for an old belief system or way of thinking to come to a close so that you can expand and experience your life differently. take a moment to consider what is holding you back from the adventure of your life? Chances are pretty good it’s all a thought just waiting to be changed! VIRGO Nine of Swords This moonth is a time of rebirth for you. In particular a time of changing the way you have been behaving and acting in your life. the Nines always signify a time of letting go and letting something change. What repetitive actions have you been taking that are not making headway? What places in your life feel like you’re banging your head against the wall? This is the time to re-examine those choices and choose a brand new direction. The only thing you can change truly is yourself. LIBRA Eight of Wands This moonth it is time to simplify! You simply have too many thoughts in your head, and too many plates spinning metaphorically. You cannot hold anything else in your mind! It is time to let go of the projects, people and dreams that are not serving you. I know it is hard for you dear Libra - as you see and value the good in everything! But for you to be your most powerful, it is imperative that you simplify at this time. SCORPIO Ten of Cups Closure closure closure. This moonth is all about clearing up old emotional wounds that are leaking energy so that you can be free going forward. It is an excellent time energetically to release old wounds and simmering stories that you have about how others have treated you or how life has been unfair. Those things might be true -and- you can still let them go so that you have more space to welcome in a new story, perhaps one that is focused on joy! SAGITTARIUS The Sun This moonth represents a wonderful time for you to shine! Often times you can be so future focused that the current achievements do not get celebrated or seen. Allow yourself the opportunity at this time to really bask in the goodness of your life. It is by digesting the good things that we invite in even more of the stuff a satisfying life is made of. CAPRICORN Strength This moonth, it is time to focus on balance and flexibility. This is not the time to be hyper vigilant about a timeline or the to do list. You will find that you go much faster by slowing down and allowing things to shift based on the needs of the moment. There are so many lessons available to you by doing so! AQUARIUS Eight of Cups This moonth is characterized by letting go of the past and allowing yourself to move forward, even if there are still possibilities that linger in your heart. We must fully let go of our attachment to some thing that has changed before we can find our next steps through the change. You are such a visionary, and it is so easy to become attached to a vision! Yet sometimes those visions are simply meant to start us in a direction; they are still valuable, even if they do not come to fruition. PISCES Eight of Swords

This moonth you are invited to get really honest with what obligations you have tied yourself to that are draining your life force and not true for you anymore. Sometimes we say yes to things because we want to please people or we think it might be a good fit, but after experiencing the obligation, we realize it is not for us. This card suggests it would be best for everyone for you to get really clear and let go of the obligations that don’t feel good to you anymore. This allows them to be available for others, who might truly benefit from the experience!

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