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Zodiac Reading For December

The Tarotscopes are offered to you by Wyld Lee of Wyld Fempyre.

These lil readings are a combination of the Tarot with your Astrology Sign to give you some inspiration for your moonth!

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This moonth invites you into a deeper exploration of your inner boundaries. This is often a place where you struggle being in the first sign of the zodiac! Yet when we have clean clear boundaries and are rooted in our practices, we build resilience in the face of difficulties that inevitably arise in our lives. Now, while I know you prefer to leap without looking, you would be most benefited this moonth by taking time to get clear on what practices, routines, and rhythms would really serve you in living life sustainably. Especially those rituals (or routines) that are between you and you - like exercise, diet and the health of your environment.



This moonth should feel really good for you as it is in the element of earth and is inviting you to get curious about how you might like to evolve your home space and your physical routines. What cozy improvements can you make to truly create spaces and systems that support you fully in the body that you have been given? The Knight always suggests taking some sort of risk and stepping out of your comfort zone. What are some things you've been curious about, but haven't yet implemented because they are not currently in your wheelhouse? This would be a good moonth to explore them!



This moonth is an opportunity for you to do a deep personal study around what allows you to feel grounded. As an air sign this is not an easy task for you! Yet, we all come into these bodies with different lessons that need to be learned and this is one of your tasks. So how do you currently ground yourself? Do you even understand what the concept of grounding means? If not, this is your cosmic invitation to explore this concept and begin calling in support people who can help you learn what is not a natural skill set!



This is a moonth of water and learning how to rest in your emotional capacity. You, dear Cancer, are led by your soft insides; and this can often be a challenge for you particularly during very social or highly activating times around family. You can rest this moonth in your feelings, and allow yourself to soften. This is a universal permission slip for you to say no to any events or activities that feel as though they would be draining for you. You don't owe anyone anything! So choose the people and the places that allow you to relax as this is going to serve you best in preparation for 2024.



Hey Lion, this moonth is made for you to shine in mastery around something tangible that you create. What do you like to make with your hands? How do you like to create in the world? How do you leave your mark in your commUNITY? If you are sitting there thinking, "I don't know" then this is your formal invitation to begin! You are meant to inspire, to shine and to follow your passions with gusto...take time this moonth to discover what that passion is!



This moonth is an emotional one for you sweet Virgo, which means some discomfort. It is not always easy feeling our feelings. This moonth is your opportunity to practice letting the feelings flow - and not just the crunchy ones like anger and sadness. Joy can be equally uncomfortable if you have been out of practice! Accept this permission slip to explore all your feelings and to let them seep out from your methodical inner world and out into the relationships around you. It's okay to feel your feelings - it's how we are designed to be!



Despite the mind saying otherwise - this moonth is actually a time to take a break from making big decisions. Rest. Gather data. Work on simple rhythms of self care. This is not the time to pivot the business, change your hairstyle, move to a new town or end the relationship. It is actually time to pause, play and reorganize around simplicity. What needs to be simplified? What needs to be cleaned? What needs to be released? This is a gathering for the bigness of 2024.



This card portends surprise, unusual possibilities and being open to the graceful arrival of blessings from unexpected places. It's been quite a year and your mind might want all the answers and clarity right now...but the Great Mystery card says hold your horses! We can't know what the outcomes will be. But with practice and patience, we can begin to trust the process of our lives unraveling. We begin to see every obstacle as an opportunity and every pivot as a blessing. Lean IN to the unknown this moonth and get curious about what new experiences might be awaiting you...



This moonth represents a challenging time for you dear Archers. A time of feeling like too much is at stake, too many things to do, too much on your plate. I invite you to take a deep breath...ahhhhhh.... The fire of your time of the year is in opposition to the slowing down happening in winter here in the Northern Hemisphere. When the mind gets overwhelmed like this - it is time to move the body. Dance. Lift heavy things. Sweat in a hot bath. Get out of the head and into the body. It will make all the difference!



This is a moonth made for you! The stability of the 4 and the element of earth should feel delightful! Use this energy to focus on your finances and wealth building activities. Not from a place of shame but from a place of grounded curiosity. How could you create more abundance? How could you save more money? How could you find even more stability in the resources of your life from a feeling of fun and clarity? This is about making wealth a game that you can play and win!



This moonth asks you to really assess whether you are being generous or over giving. Are you sharing in reciprocity or are you giving way too much to the people and projects around you? You have such a big visionary gift and it can be so easy to get caught up in the future instead of right now. This is your permission slip to always maintain what you need for yourself first before giving your access to those around you. If we do not take care of ourselves before others, we eventually burn out, and then everyone loses.



This is the moonth of a brand new cycle for you sweet Pisces! This has been one heck of a year for you and this card tells me you are about to enter 2024 with new ground, security, and a sense of just rightness. You deserve this feeling of security and safety in your skin. This moonth is all about planning and setting the proper foundation for what it is you wish to create for your future! Give yourself time to consider the 1,3 and five year plan. How would you like to feel five years from now? How would you like to feel three years from now? And next year - what is it you would truly like to experience? Always remind yourself that you deserve to feel good, especially as you go through this process.

If you wish to dive deeper, Wyld is available for private sessions, group programs and more! Visit her website at to learn more...

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