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Zodiac Reading for August

Hello friends....

This moonth we are blessed with TWO Super Moon Full Moons, one of which is a Blue Moon and the energy is POTENT! Think shining a light on things we've been putting off, feelings we want to avoid, projects that frighten us when we consider completing them, home tasks and body self care tasks that have been on the back burner so long we feel guilty about them....all of it is UP for our attention in the moonth of August.

I hope these Tarotscopes serve you well! Let me know what speaks to you anytime with an email to or visit my website at

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ARIES - Page of Pentacles

This moonth, you are invited to explore and investigate your safety foundations. How are your finances? Your home environment? Your future plans? Your structure for mental and emotional health? How have you set yourself up for sustainability for your future self? This isn't always your strong suit Aries, I know, but the energetics this moonth give you a healthy hand up in the process. Take advantage!

TAURUS - Justice

Dearest Taurus, this moonth you are called to clarify your boundaries. Is life in balance or are there places where you are leaking energy and not receiving equitably for your giving? Justice calls us forward into seeing what IS without emotion. This moonth is a time to gather data, truly release any story and just look at your life, work and relationships. With the scales of Justice, you can see clearly see what the balance of your life is and where you might need to readjust your expenditures to meet your personal needs.

GEMINI - King of Swords

This is a potent and sharp moonth for you Gemini. The energy present is one of creating your container with ferocity and firmness. What do I mean by that? A container is another way of describing purposeful structure, habits or the bones of your daily life. You are supported at this time to make the changes you know you need to make...especially the ones you have been putting off or avoiding. The King of Swords gives you the fire needed to burn away the old version of you so the new more confident version of yourself can step forward!

CANCER - Five of Wands

This moonth marks a mental struggle for you sweet Cancers…a sensation of spinning thoughts, choices and opinions. It’s time to breathe! Unplug from your calendar particularly on both of the Full Moons this August as you desperately need some space from the energy of others and their judgements.

LEO - Wheel of Fortune

This moonth is a time to shine and step fully into the path calling you forward- even if it is a challenging path. The steps you have taken in your life have all led you to this moment- no more delay! Jump IN!

VIRGO - Page of Cups

Dearest Virgo, you are called deeper into the feelings you try so hard to suppress. The potent Full Supermoons this August are pulling the waters of your body to the surface… you may find you are more sensitive and easily perturbed. These feelings are data showing you where a new boundary might be required.

LIBRA - The Sun

August is a glorious moonth of expansion dear Libra- a time of seeing what you are made of and attracting others into your field that are up for the challenge of meeting you. Ask for what you need. Be clear in your goals and desires and above all…trust the process.

SCORPIO - Seven of Wands

Deep one, this moonth invites you to stand taller and keep going towards your dreams even if you have received criticism or partial successes. What you desire just requires a bit more time. Eye on the prize and keep yourself sharp and grounded. Listen for the next right move… it comes from the heART.

SAGITTARIUS - Queen of Pentacles

Fiery beauty, this moonth requests an honest look inside at your self care discipline. How exactly are you caring for your hardworking body? How are you caring for your future through your finances? Get inspired by making an actual list accounting of these items!

CAPRICORN - Strength

The turbulence and ferocity of this moonth will be uncomfortable for you, as it will most likely undo some of your best laid plans. The medicine of the Strength card lies in both balance AND flexibility. Try your hand at flexing this moonth- it will change everything.

AQUARIUS - Ten of Cups

This moonth offers completion of an old emotional wound that is ready to be released! What old story do you still carry that is harming your ability to be free? About that ex lover, or parent or boss? This moonth you have the space to review it, own your part and then let that sh!t go.

PISCES - Four of Wands

A beautiful moonth for rest my sensitive friend. Let the mind rest and focus on one thing only- how best to enJOY this precious moonth of fun! You’ve had some heavy times the last couple years…let this gift be fully received and give yourself permission to play!

May these serve you well!



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