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What is Family Constellations?

Family Constellations is a trans-generational modality that brings greater context and illumination to the unconscious dynamics at play in a person's life while offering deep healing to both the individual and the groups they belong to.


It is a way of connecting to our Ancestors, our commUNITY, and ourselves.


By externalizing our personal issues and allowing others to represent on our behalf, we are gifted a new perspective and 

a good place for the hard parts of our lives.


We come together in service of one another and our families 

to bring relief, compassion and dignity.


Through this work, we begin to think systemically and realize that we are not islands; isolated and full of shame and blame for our wounds... 

but rather we are simply one small part of a larger puzzle that is

looking to find balance and resolution.



Join us we will explore what Family Constellations are and how they can be a supportive therapeutic modality for you!  

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