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Rebirth Yourself

Wyld Lee

The Feral Oracle



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Which Iconic Queen Are You?


Wyld is a true intuitive and compassionate guide.  In giving me a reading, she was able to hone in on and lead me to hidden areas that were pertinent for my growth and transformation that I would not have otherwise faced.

Laurel M

Wyld senses deep into my energy body and pulls out what is hidden about myself so I can fully understand and heal. I love working with her and know that every time I do, it is guided by a higher divine light.

Karlyn H

My experience each time with Wyld is deep and very meaningful. She has a way of receiving and giving insight, even the difficult to discuss stuff, with such sincerity and sweet understanding. Wyld has truly helped guide me on my path, I am so grateful for our sessions together!

Kris O

As a professional energy healer, my Tarot reading session with Wyld was the finest I had EVER received. The cards were stunningly spot on, as was every layer we peeled back deeper. I really appreciated her sensitive connection to me and to her intuition, and I felt warmly cared for the entire time, which is something important to me. I could not have asked for more. She has earned my trust and respect and I will definitely seek out her illuminating guidance again!

Lincoln C.

Your rebirth begins here...


Personal Medicine Sessions

Wyld specializes in offering personalized Medicine Sessions tailored specifically for each client. 


 Group Offerings and Services

Wyld offers an incredible array of opportunities to bring medicine and magic to the public! 

You are designed to feel.

I am Wyld...
The Feral Oracle
and the heART behind Wyld Fempyre.  
My Soul Mission is to burn down our collective programming and conditioning one woman at a time by embracing the magnetic and offering guiDANCE through my well honed skills as a Seer, Somatic Spaceholder and Witchy Pussy Queen.  


It is your birthright to rebirth yourself and to own your joy.


MoonMountain Highway Readings

Wyld visits MoonMountain Highway on the second Friday of every moonth to offer readings for the public. 

Wyld’s Magic Pussy Butter
HERbal balm for your iconic pussy!

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