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Turn On the Creatrix within to Visually Represent YOUR Rebirthing Process
Do you yearn for more freedom in the ways you express yourself?
Do you have a history of experiencing disrespect or shame?
Do you have confidence wounds around sharing your truth or your story?
Does the idea of your creativity feel vulnerable to you?
Have you told yourself you aren’t creative because your art isn’t PERFECT?
I invite you to experience the joy + spaciousness of this
Renegade Art Project 
Because I believe women can change the world with our 
vulnerability and creativity combined...
And that is profoundly counter-cultural.
So hey... I am Wyld and my purpose on this planet is to support women like myself who have had their shine dimmed by this culture of perfectionism, unattainable beauty standards + an outright disrespect for the lived experience of the feminine.  
Raised as a daughter in Southern patriarchy, I was told from birth 
To be seen & not heard, To be pretty & polite, To be obedient & supportive of everyone’s needs 
And that led to....
Abusive relationships, divorce, depression, isolation and physical ailments that took years to heal. 
It is a model that creates women who don’t recognize their own creativity + power. 
Women whose wisdom and voices are lost. 
It is a collective tragedy for us all.
To heal these wounds, we are called forward to unearth our own tender roots of shame, guilt, lack of confidence + perfectionism 
in order to unleash our potent core essence of creativity + power!  
Art is a vulnerable + exciting way to support finding and clearing these wounds.
Are you willing + ready to explore these tender places in commUNITY?
In this experience, you will be invited to explore yourself vulnerably through a sharing circle, storytelling, intimate conversation, creating a simple art project to express your inner landscape + being witnessed in your creation.  
While it sounds simple, the potential for personal liberation in this work is very deep.  
You may walk an edge here...and that’s ok!  When we walk that edge, we develop self confidence, self love + authentic self acceptance.  
This is the medicine our culture + communities need to become healthy.  
Women need to be seen + heard
In our messy, beautiful, shapeshifting, perfect imperfection.
We ARE the Creatrix of our lives.
We will be playing with the art of mosaic in this particular Renegade Art Project.
Included in this experience:
Mosaic supplies + instruction
CommUNITY of women
Confidence building through witnessing
Hearing your own truth
Rewriting your story into power
Pure pleasure because you deserve it

JOIN US? Limited to 13 women.
DATE:  Saturday, December 3, 2022
TIME: 10 am-5 pm
LOCATION: MoonMountain Highway
Exchange: $99 (includes supplies)



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