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MOONIFEST is my version of manifesting through the magnetic art of receiving.

(ummm wtf does that mean?)


Thanks for asking!  I am sooo excited to take this day to play and share with you how fun it can be to move with the energy of desire and joy right alongside release.


This playshop (see what I did there?  I'm not interested in workshops anymore...) is an innovative experiential space filled with curiousity!


I am curious what happens when a group of humans comes together to explore their desires and to manifest them through the Map of mind, body, heART and Soul.


I am curious to see what magic can be made in a room filled with other curious humans who want to play with BEing more free! 


I'm calling IN humans who want to give themselves and each other permission to release and receive in new ways without guilt or shame.


Instead of always  'doing' , 

how do we BEcome the version of ourselves that is in harmony with our desire and aligns easefully to the next inspired choices?



In my clients, what I witness most around this concept is:

  • Humans who don't know what they desire outside of the script of being rich or nice

  • A distaste for the word desire; assuming negative things like selfishness or immorality

  • Lack of belief that they deserve what they desire

  • Attachment to the old stories that make the new desire impossible

  • Fear of new possibilities, fear of disappointment, fear of change, fear of loss

  • A feeling that we don't belong


So why do we as humans (in particular civilized humans) seem to share these same traits?


Here's my theory:

In this current culture of consumption, chaos and scarcity... we have all been trained to lose sight of the natural abundance of life and to operate from greed rather than generosity.


This mindset keeps us quite small, powerless and with very low expectations from life and the systems that serve us.


We've also completely lost touch with the natural ebb and flow of life as well...that everything comes and goes and that this is good and correct!


Capitalism has insisted that life is a success only when consistently being bigger, better, faster, more and with zero respect or attention given to the inevitability and actual need for loss, death, release, rest, grief etc.


We are addicted to gratification and instant results and repulsed by slow, steady experience without attachment to outcome.


We overemphasize Summer and perversely devalue Winter.

We overemphasize the end goal and completely negate the journey.


We give accolades to the garden full of food and denounce the necessary fallow times of building compost (despite now knowing that without rest and decomposition - our farm fields are becoming bereft of nutrition)


We have brains that have been purposefully attuned to the frequency of 'Summer' - so we will be extra productive little worker bees and focus solely on MORE! Making more, producing more, consuming more more more.


And we have by default been predisposed to dislike or reject the opposite frequency of 'Winter' - we have the inborn stories of being lazy or unsuccessful or unworthy if we need to rest, slow down, let go, pivot and release old dreams or drama in exchange for new pathways.


This domestication develops within us...

  • The Push - a constant pressure inside that keeps us anxious and stressed 

  • A bone deep blindness to how good life already is

  • A belief that we are powerless



I'm curious.

Can we play and explore individually and collectively how we welcome transformation?


And perhaps work some moonifestation magic along the way?

Here's MY desire...

To bring together a dynamic group of humans who want a clear path forward to their deepest dreams and desires but have some blocks holding them back... a group of humans who also want their commUNITY and world to BEcome a more holistic, loving place.


Together, we will move through the processes I personally use when I decide to moonifest something.


I want to see if the energy of a group amplifies the magic!

(spoiler alert - I kinda already know it will...but here is the testing ground!)


We will move through a variety of play:

Somatic exercises


Emotional exploration

Soul connection

Art making

Small Share Circles



We meet on February 10, 2024 from 11am to 4pm

Dark Moon

Also happens to be Chinese New Year (Year of the Wood Dragon)

Just past Imbolc and the Goddess Brigid's day.


The perfect midway point between reflection and reception.


The energetics of this day are sooo delicious and supportive for planting the seeds of our desires and honouring the death of our sacrifices.


Because we are going to do both.


In the space of letting go, we Moonifest!

Nature dislikes a vacuum ~ anytime space is will fill it.


So let's make some space and moonifest our desires together!


Humans who:

  • Know they would like a shift in their lives but maybe feel a little stuck or constricted around the how.

  • Don't even know what they desire.

  • Are playful, magical and want to practice together

  • Have no idea what all this whimsy is about but feel like they've got baggage that needs to go

  • Are healing or curious about healing and want a low risk, highly fun space to explore

  • Are upset about the crisis of the world and feel like their prayers don't matter

  • Are human

Everyone with curiousity is welcome!  

(Group size is limited so reservation required)

Exchange for this experience is $99

There is a payment plan and 3 partial scholarships

 (email Wyld at for more information or to ask any questions)

Join the party by February 1, 2024 

and receive a 

FREE bottle of Dragon Oil 

to enhance your experience!

($24 value)

I am Wyld, My Soul Mission is to burn down our collective programming and conditioning one woman at a time by embracing the magnetic and offering guiDANCE through my well honed skills as a Seer, Somatic Spaceholder, and Witchy Pussy Queen.

It is time to REMEMBER and OWN our magnetic magic.

The transmission is simple:

Undo your own domestication and your life will shift.

You have the power to rebirth yourself!
When we fully return to our power, our essence, and our sovereignty - everything changes, deepens, and becomes magical… 



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