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Initiation of the Inner Teenager 
a one-hour exploration of your unique self


This free mystery class is an opportunity to honour and integrate your Inner Teenager and all the ways she/they have felt unsupported in this life.

By honouring and getting to know our Inner Teenager, we begin to strengthen ourselves and the way we walk through life with integrity.

Your Inner Teenager is the part of you that is responsible for Holy Boundaries, Sensuality, Self Response-Ability, Safety and Self Trust.

Most of us didn't get the Initiation of the Teenager that our Ancestors recognized as so valuable and important for reaching maturity and fully thriving as an adult in commUNITY.

This lack of Initiation has left us with several generations of humans who are obsessed with safety, what others think and people pleasing rather than trusting their intuition and knowing their place in the world and in commUNITY.

By reclaiming our connection with the Inner Teenager, we can resolve the experiences of self-sabotage, social pressure and fear of the unknown and finally begin to feel secure in our own skin.

In this one hour exploration we will investigate the stages of Initiation:
Acknowledge - honoring the transition and beginning to accept the chaos change brings
Investigate - exploring why this change is challenging for us and feeling it fully
Initiate - creating the process that defines us before and after the rebirth
Integrate - owning the process of tending the changes within us mind/body/heART/soul,

negotiating contraction
Activate - embodying the new version of ourselves and honoring that we are now new
Advocate - bringing your medicine into the world

We will also touch on the Sovereign Map: Inviting the Inner Teenager Home

The Sovereign Map is a 9 week course diving into the needs and lessons of the Inner Teenager.  
Within this body of work we will explore 9 threads of the Teenager that may not have been honoured

within you.

Once we honour these parts and Initiate ourselves through the gateway of the Inner Teenager...
we regain our sense of power, purpose and instinctual knowing.  
We deepen into Great Mystery with a sense of awe rather than fear.

Becoming Sovereign means integrating the Inner Teenager and completing the Initiation into Maturity... it is a step towards becoming a True Elder in this lifetime.

Please come and enJOY this juicy inquiry into the taboo of the inner teenager.
Arrive present, refreshed and curious.
I love questions so please bring them all!!!

Session runs January 12, 2023 from 5:30-6:30pm PST

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