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Seasonal offering from the Wyld Apothecary!

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Introducing the Empress Collection, a powerful duo of St. John's Wort HERbals that can support the nervous system and improve mood.  Wyld crafted these products to support the transition into winter for those of us who are sensitive to light shifts and time changes.  Self-care inside and out!
Empress Oil ~ $24 for a 1oz bottle
This ruby oil is decadent and a true delight for your skin.  Made of wildcrafted St. John's Wort, Organic/non-GMO Avocado, and Sweet Almond Oils... this is like summer in a bottle.  Can be used for skin abrasions and dryness.  My favorite way to use this oil is as an additive to your body oiling practice.
Body Oiling is the simplest and most accessible way to physically begin calming and regulating your nervous system.  Humans have applied herbs and fat to the skin for centuries and it is a useful practice to reinvigorate in your life today.  Highly toxic moisturizers aren't what your body craves.  Treat yourself like the Empress you are with Empress Oil!

Empress Elixir ~ $24 for 1oz bottle
This scarlet concoction is a sweet and potent way to work with St. John's Wort.  Made with wildcrafted herbs, dark cherry infused vodka, and dark desert honey... this brew is soothing, relaxing, and clarifying.  
St. John's Wort is known for nervous system regulation and mood enhancement.  A gentle way to work with your body to feel better!
[Not to be used in tandem with any depression pharmaceuticals or MAIO inhibitors.  May also interact with other prescriptions, please consult with your body and your care professionals when adding any herbal to your self care routine.]



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