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Wyld Lee


Over the last 25 years, I have evolved my work as a Tarot reader & energy worker to bring a wealth of insight and guidance to those who desire it. I believe that each individual has the capacity within to heal themselves; yet as a communal species we often require the mirror of another to help us find our path in times of need. My sessions are safe, sacred and allow clients to be held, dive deep, and come to their knowing so questions can be answered and choices made. I use Tarot along with a myriad of other modalities including crystals and elixirs, Reiki, tuning forks, essential oil mixes, animal medicine cards, and pendulum to birth a full & magical experience for my clients ~

You will leave feeling seen, heard and more confident in the direction your soul wishes to take you.

Messages. Medicine. Magic.


My offerings are Joywork.

Joywork is the practice of making your life magic again.

That same energy is infused into all of my work.

Actualizing and sustaining my bliss projects creates the juice that supports my family and my heART.

I AM overjoyed to be able to offer you this same opportunity

to learn how to honor, trust, and heal yourself.


I am rooted in the sacred lands of Wy'east (Mount Hood), Oregon where I live a serene, rural lifestyle with my pARTner, my two sons & my dear fur babies. We reside on unceded territories of The Yakama & The Warm Springs and all the confederated tribes and nations that have been placed into these broader names. 

I honour the land tenders and this land as sacred land

that I am very privileged to be able to work magic on. 

If you feel called to work together in person,

you will be able to meet this land during our session in the Joywork Cottage.

I also offer session via Zoom or by phone.

My pronouns are she/her/hers.

I welcome all people regardless of race, gender, identity, fluidity or orientation. 

As one small act reparation,

I offer one Resonance Session a month to

anyone affected negatively by white privilege, heteronormative bias

or to anyone with the shared experience as a struggling single mama. 

I also welcome payment plans and sliding scales for those

identifying with any of these ways of being. 

I bow to your struggles & hope I may be of service to you and Great Mystery.


I have other devotions within my Joywork triangle.

I am a 5Rhythms dance facilitator on the path towards becoming a certified teacher. You can find this work on Facebook at 5Rhythms in the Gorge

In this work I produce 3-4 workshops a year, bringing 

influential teachers to inform my commUNITY. 

I lead weekly Sweats (dances) in Parkdale, OR at the Mt. Hood Town Hall

I also hold sacred matriarch circles & ceremonies for womxn

entering menopause or working with mastectomy.

Currently I am wordsmithing my second book ~ The Transformation Map ~ a journey that corresponds to my year long 13 moon cycle offering which begins full moon each March. Book can be used in tandem or as a self led experience. 


If you would like to know more about me & Joywork, please send an inquiry here!

Wyld magically came into my life at a time I needed some supportive guidance. I was contemplating becoming a mom vs. continuing my big entrepreneurial dream. Knowing that if I were a mom, I wanted to be a mom who was there for her kids instead of working full time.

My identity and ways of taking on life were going to need to be let go so I could open to this new path.

Without Wyld knowing me, she immediately tapped in and worked with me to find clarity and then courage to step into a life that I was being called to. I also did not know if I was physically able to conceive. After 3 amazing readings with her I found clarity and strength in a new more feminine way.

Her healing energy and magical offerings helped me conceive my first baby. Wyld will forever be a part of my healing team and I am forever grateful for her profound work.

Kelsey Lawford

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