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Tarot Truth 

In this one hour magical experience, you will be held exquisitely and given plenty of space to share the texture of your current life circumstances while formulating just the right questions to help ease the mind.
This session is perfect for those new or familiar with Tarot who are searching for support for their mind and heart.
Receiving a Tarot Truth Transmission is like honey balm for the Soul.
An excellent choice if you find yourself feeling stuck, anxious, overwhelmed, or lost.
Using the skills of a Seer, Wyld is able to ask the right questions, interpret the cards and reflect your truth back so you can leave the session feeling more grounded, centered, and simply better about your current path.
Wyld doesn't sugarcoat things!  This is a TRUTH Transmission... meaning you will receive medicine here that might be a bit uncomfortable but will ultimately support you in making the changes you deeply crave in your life.
In this session, we will begin by tuning in together and sharing a few minutes of your story.  You may share as much or as little as you feel comfortable to.
Then we will pull cards and possibly dive into other complementary modalities as time allows. (If you would like to have plenty of space, it is recommended to schedule the longer Resonance Session  in which we have up to two hours of time to dive into the magic together!)

Leaning on her intuition and deep connection to Great Mystery along with 27 years of embodied practice, Wyld instinctively senses what each guest is deeply longing for and uses her wide variety of skills to support her clients in stepping out of the rigid cages of their old life and into the spaciousness of living from a place of power.

During our time together in a Tarot Truth Transmission, you may experience any of the following offerings. 
• Divination
• Truth Transmission 
• Tarot 

• Bones
• Vulnerability Practice 
• Intimate Inquiry
• Body Presencing
• Energy Attunement
• Energy Clearing
• HERbal Offerings
• Reiki
• Magical Practice Suggestions 
• Spiritual Guidance + Support
You will leave your session with Wyld feeling seen, heard and lighter than you did when you entered. 
Give yourself this gift of deep intimate support... 

you will be so glad you said 

Own Your Magic


I've had a couple of readings (so far) with Wyld.  She has such a loving presence, holds a space that is filled with compassion, and I left with some nice insights and information that helped clarify my path.  I've sent others there who also have had great experiences....not only of receiving the reading but feeling held in a sacred space.  I'll be back....highly recommended.

Lynne Herbert




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