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Solstice Ceremony and Divination Circle with Wyld Lee
on June 21st at 2pm PST

Summer Solstice is almost here... and the energy of this cycle is illumination, clarity, growth and allowing ourselves to shine like the Sun. It harnesses the qualities of growing our intentions, tending the goals placed at the Spring Equinox and giving our lives deeper meaning through actually moving towards our dreams rather than lackadaisically daydreaming our time away (or simply being entertained by the creativity of others).

The Solstices and Equinoxes are powerful points in every year that carry deep medicine and reminders for us to return to presence in our daily lives and to give focus to our own spiritual journey.

Just as every seed goes through the heroine's journey of birth, growth, death and rebirth... so do we. IF we allow ourselves to be conscious of the process rather than numbing out and resisting the inevitable change.

It is far, far too easy to get caught up in each day blending into the next and finding ourselves living a blur of meals, work days and indoor environments that never change. A safety dance that keeps us distracted, tuned out, overwhelmed with tasks and underwhelmed with soul.

We create these wonderful homes and workplaces with engineered temperatures and screens... yet how many summers have slipped by and suddenly its fall and you wonder about how to schedule in more fun next year?

This Summer Solstice is an opportunity to recenter in this moment and meet the turning of the Wheel in dignity... opening yourself to channel in this potent energy of the seasons and bring your intuitive Self to light.

Let THIS Solstice be a marker of a shift in your personal journey...

Are you curious? Might you be ready to embark on a ceremonial journey into the energy of the Solstice, Divination, and how intuitive card reading can improve your self confidence and self trust? Join this FREE online experience and learn to navigate life's mysteries with more clarity, support, and confidence.

Discover How Divination works...

In this ceremonial experience, we will craft a sacred Circle together. I know, I know, create a Circle online? It seems a bit far fetched...but I have found that energy and intention is not limited by time and space. And when we create a sacred Circle, magic naturally happens! This is my secret sauce for Divination - creating a container that allows us to receive information from the field around us.

Ceremony creates safety in the mind, body, heart and Soul; we will explore this together!

Ignite Your Intuition:

After creating this space, we will all have an opportunity to pull a card and see how our intuitions are super charged by the Solstice, the group dynamic and your own unique channel. We will play together!

Discover Your Personal Flavor of Interpretation:

This is a lifelong journey of course... but in this one hour Mystery Class you will get a taste for your own unique way of allowing Great Mystery to flow through you.​

Empowering Readings:

Learning how to create ceremony for yourself is one of the most profound and empowering experiences available. It is a way of stepping into your power. This Solstice, we will plant the seed of your own Divination Practice and see what arises.......

📅 Date: June 21, 2023

⏰ Time: 2:00pm PST/ 5:00pm EST ( approximately an hour depending on what Mystery provides)

🌍 Location: Online via Zoom (replay available)

Click the button below to save your spot for this delicious ceremonial experience that will bring you deeper presence, confidence, and possibilities! Please arrive with the deck of your choice (Tarot or Oracle deck) or an app on your phone that will randomly pick a card. You might also enjoy having your journal, a candle, and a few objects that feel grounding for you.

Who Should Attend?

  • Women curious about Tarot, Intuition, Magic, Womens Circles and being a Channel

  • Seekers who want to deepen their self trust in their own magic

  • Anyone interested in developing their intuition and exploring Divination as a tool for self-discovery


After our ceremony, we will have an opportunity to see what moves through our channel when in a magical space... you will be surprised at how your senses shift and deepen!

You will also hear about The Feral Tarot... the current offering from Wyld Fempyre. A journey of self exploration, self confidence and trust in Great Mystery. (And those who attend also receive a special promo code should they decide The Feral Tarot is a YES!)

This is a unique opportunity to experience a Solstice Ceremony from the comfort of your home...

an opportunity to bring a sprinkle of sacred into your busy life.


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