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Resonance Sessions

In this Personal Medicine Session we work together to invite you more deeply into alignment and your own flavour of Resonance.
So...what the fuck does that mean anyway?
Resonance (for myself) means finding a deeper balance of mind, body, heart and soul.
It is a way of living in which we take all parts of ourselves into consideration when our life feels "off".
In our culture, often we focus solely on one aspect of ourselves when things feel like they are stuck and not working... yet we are quantum creatures and often being out of alignment in one area means we are out of balance in other ways as well.
I know when my house is messy, my mind is messy too!
So in a Resonance Session, we co-create an experience that allows all parts of you some time and space to receive illumination and healing!
In this session we first begin by sharing a few minutes of your story together.  You are welcome and encouraged to share intimately what feels off in your world.
This is then followed by a Tarot Truth Transmission and whatever modalities are also requested by Great Mystery!
Leaning on her intuition and deep connection to Great Mystery along with 27 years of embodied practice, Wyld instinctively senses what each guest is deeply longing for and uses her wide variety of skills to support her clients in stepping out of the rigid cages of their old life and into the spaciousness of living from a place of power.

During our time together in a Resonance Session, 

you may experience any of the following offerings. 
• Divination
• Truth Transmission 
• Tarot 
• Bones
• Vulnerability Practice 
• Intimate Inquiry
• Body Presencing
• Tuning Forks
• Sound Healing
• Energy Attunement
• Energy Clearing
• HERbal Offerings
• Reiki
• Magical Practice Suggestions 
• Spiritual Guidance + Support
You will leave your session with Wyld 

feeling seen, heard and lighter than you did when you entered. 
Your curiousity and zest for life will be rekindled and renewed in this healing space.
This is the type of personal work that is truly transformational!

Rebirth Yourself


She is amazing and sweet; her knowledge is out of this world~I happen to have a dark Moon reading, about to have a deep session & wanting to join in one of her circles! The reading was so accurate & helped me for the whole month to keep focused. I really can't wait for this session coming up & would definitely recommend her for your journey, your path!

Sarah Provencher



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