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Zodiac Reading for November

The Tarotscopes are offered to you by Wyld Lee of Wyld Fempyre.

These lil readings are a combination of the Tarot with your Astrology Sign to give you some inspiration for your moonth!

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What are you looking to master in your life right now? This moonth is about giving yourself permission to follow your passion and your curiosity and to get really really good at the things that fascinate you. This is a time to let go of anything that feels like an obligation, and to instead really lean into the sensation of commitment for the pleasure of commitment. What would it feel like to consider your commitments a gift in your life rather than an obstacle?



This moonth is all about surrender. This can be a challenge for you earthly, sensual types as you really prefer knowing what you are getting into and being able to see it and touch it and feel it. But for this moonth, what might it feel like to just let go of those expectations and allow life to carry you forward onto the next part of your path? Sometimes the best things in life can't be seen with the eyes or tasted with the tongue. Sometimes they are fully in the Spirit, and cannot even be described in words.



It is time my dear to enjoy the gifts of a solid mindset practice! How are you speaking to yourself inside your brain? If the words you are telling yourself are not positive, helpful or hopeful, then this moonth offers an opportunity to re-write the script and begin funneling all of that delicious energy into your life in a different way. It may feel like effort at first, but the rewards will be beyond what you can imagine! Give yourself permission to do the work and feel better.



This moonth you are invited to take some action towards your vision in ways that you have been procrastinating on suss far. I know it can feel scary to step outside of your comfort zone, but sometimes we must take the risk in order to receive the discipline and reward for our efforts. The medicine during such times is to remember to breathe deep and wide. Regulate the body to the risk and do the thing anyway.



Oh Leo, you have a glorious opportunity this moonth to move through total transformation during Scorpio season! What an exciting time for you! I know people often see the Death card and feel overwhelmed, but truly the way you decide to see this experience is the way in which you experience the death process. Instead of thinking you are losing something; Focus on what you are gaining. Whenever we let go of an old version or piece of our life, it makes space for a new version and a new opportunity or gift to arrive. Death must come first before we have the new path we are searching for. Let this be an exciting time!



This moonth is going to feel delicious for you as it is focused on home, security and getting our finances in order. You would be well served by cleaning out the closet, starting to gather the tax paperwork that you will need in January and in general taking time to reassess all your previous structures and routines. This would be an excellent time to shake up your exercise regime, and in general, put an eye on all the things that you may have taken for granted, in case they could be more efficient with a few little tweaks.



I take this moonth as a grand permission slip to just let go! Let go of everything you have been attached to that you possibly can and you will receive so many blessings in the space that is left behind. This can be challenging for Libra because they love beauty, and often enjoy collecting beautiful things with which to surround themselves but sometimes those things can become a gilded cage. Liberate yourself this moonth! Let it burn and see what happens.



This moonth offers you a strong choice that needs to be made. Where are you putting your energy this winter? Where are you giving your precious exuberance and excitement? Where will you be investing and spending your precious life force energy? This is an investment that we never get back, so place is it wisely in people, experiences and pathways that are in full reciprocity for you and your heart.



Time for a fiery rebirth, my friend. This moonth calls on the power of making peace with our previous actions and choices, and choosing which ones we may need to repair and which ones were exactly just right. It is a time of great reflection, and giving yourself the gift of reassessing some of the bolder choices that may have been made in haste. You are offered an opportunity to walk your talk and allow your actions to meet up with the way you wish to move in the world. It's okay to say you are sorry; and it is ok to hold up your boundaries as well. Sometimes the lines get blurred between the two when emotions are involved!



Choice time for you! As we move into winter, you are being invited to get really clear on which projects and physical spaces you are going to dedicate your time and energy to. I know you want to accomplish and do all the things, but this card suggests you will be best served by simplifying the task list, and truly focusing on the items that move the needle forward and give you the greatest return on your efforts. Often simplifying is the thing that saves the most time in the long run.



This moonth ushers in a time of greater emotional expression and experiences that tug at the heartstrings. The medicine of this card is to allow yourself to ride the waves of feelings without stopping the flow of energy. It is easier to feel the feelings in real time, then to attempt to suppress them and deal with the pressure of them later. This can be challenging for an airy mental personality such as yourself, but you will be supported this moonth in this emotional experiment if you choose to dip your toes into the feeling waters!



November marks a time where the wounds of the past surface and are finally ready to be looked at and given space to heal. You are the biggest feeler of the zodiac, and this can often feel overwhelming to your body. Please make sure to take excellent care of yourself! Salt baths, connecting with friends, and writing in your journal are simple and profoundly grounding ways to stay in your body while letting these old memories surface and clear out of your space. If you allow them to rise, they will make more room inside for joy and other feelings that you so deeply desire.

If you wish to dive deeper, Wyld is available for private sessions, group programs and more! Visit her website at to learn more...

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