Weekly Tarot Reading for February

Updated: Jul 11

Moonday Message for February

Bringing you this message written from within my cave… death has claimed one of my spirit kin and brought me to humble times this week.

Isn’t it fascinating how exquisitely real and alive one feels in the midst of grief? How these poignant moments when the preciousness of this finite life is shown in such clarity can often be the most uncomfortable.

Sitting, leaning and learning even more deeply about the gifts offered within these feelings we so often try to avoid.

The card for us all this week is Stars from the Lunar Nomad Oracle. Feels incredibly fitting.

This cosmic card holds that sea of stars above us as well as a blessed octopus!

It speaks to holding close our wishes and dreams, keeping faith in the possibilities and looking up for divine guidance.

The biggest message is to suspend judgements and allow yourself to shift from linear mind into feeling heart. All possibilities live within the heart. Like the octopus, Great Mystery resides within this precious star located within your chest.

When we OPEN to feel it all without shame, judgement or limits… life shifts. We become more present, more embodied. Weightless like stars…

We don’t have to wait for death to shake us awake to what is right here in front of our eyes. There is plenty to feel all the time! The eight legs of the Octopus remind us that this is actually an infinity loop - energy only changes form. It doesn’t cease to exist. If we can soften the mind’s grip and release our fears… wow. So many f*cking possibilities….

We are the nervous system of the planet in my opinion. We are here to feel. It’s time we start doing our job again…

What are you feeling today? I’d love to know…


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