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Weekly TAROT Reading for FEBRUARY

Moonday TAROT Message for FEBRUARY

This week's message brings some sweetness to the heart for any of you my dear friends who might be feeling tired, sad, lonesome or weary. The air feels full with feelings here in the Joywork Cottage and I sense perhaps you might be experiencing some of this weight as well? Share with me in the comments if this feels true for you...

Ace of Cups


This week the Ace of Cups gives us a hopeful nod in the direction of something new. When we have these periods of moments of discomfort and unrest, it can sometimes feel quite overwhelming or as if we might not feel bright again.

The Ace of Cups reminds us that this is how rebirth feels. Whenever we begin anew, whenever we start fresh there will always be the digestion and release of what was. This is normal, natural and nothing to resist. It just is! Death (letting go) always precedes Rebirth. And it is uncomfortable.

This card feels like a balm to my tender heart today. A cosmic reminder that with each shift we have the privilege of feeling all the feels. That sensation is not a problem... it is just that sometimes we may not prefer what we are feeling. It's okay to have preferences and feelings and such... this is why we are here! It is what makes us human animals.

Wisdom popped out of the Message Cauldron to remind us that we develop Wisdom by moving through difficult and tender places. Wisdom is earned. Wisdom is hard won by walking through the fire over and over again...allowing each old version of ourselves to melt away as the new one is revealed.

This is what healing is about actually. We release the old version of us, her stories, belief systems and patterns in exchange for a next level version that sees the world differently. We begin to inhabit new neural pathways and heart spaces that offer us the exquisite experience of being reborn.

This Imbolc, at the crossroads between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox, we energetically orient ourselves to this sensation. We are not the person we entered Winter as... and the new Spring version of us is not yet born. Who are we becoming?

Possible Journal Prompts:

How does my heart feel today?

What in my life feels like it doesn't fit anymore?

Who am I in this NOW moment?

What is itching to be born this Spring?

Let me know what you feel from this reading!

In Service,


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