Weekly TAROT Message for FEBRUARY and VALENTINE"S Day

Happy Love Day Seekers!

I hope you spend today nourishing yourself and tending to all the things you need mind/body/heart and soul. This is a day and week for LOVE and all love begins first within!

We are graced today by the Page of Swords. This is the Seeker of Fire, the one who takes action moving towards their goals and desires.

For us this week and moonth, it is a call to action! No one knows what we want and need better than we do. Time to honour ourselves by taking back responsibility for our own joy and delight instead of handing our power away to others in the hopes of getting our needs met.

Step into the uncomfortable yet enticing territory of being your own best lover! Find what moves and delights you. Offer those things to yourself with abandon! Teach those in your life HOW to love you properly instead of becoming agitated when unspoken expectations are left unmet.

You are your first and last lover...own it!

WYLD Moon Medicine Collective for Women closes her doors this week... if you have difficulty knowing what you enjoy or how to ask for what you need, join us! We dive gently into these topics and more, developing greater self intimacy and learning how to caretake ourselves. It's a beautiful group of humans and we would love to have YOU!

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