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The Empress with Kim Coffin

Join me for a juicy conversation with Kim Coffin as we weave the archetype of The Empress + her work as an Empowerment + Sexuality Coach for women. Some really yummy gems of self support came out during our chat. I hope you enjoy!

Kim Coffin ~ Trauma Informed Somatic Empowerment & Sexuality Coach and founder of Get Your Sexy Back!

Kim is a mama to 3 sexually empowered adults/teens, 20, 17, 15, dog mom to 2 and has been married to her amazing husband of 21 years!

She teaches women how to TURN-ON their life, their p♥️ssy, and take their power back through sacred sexuality!!

She also helps couples rewrite their sexual story, release shame, build deeper intimacy and open the lines of communication all while creating an epic sensual and sexual relationship!

It doesn’t matter where they are at on their journey, Kim shows them how to RECLAIM the areas they have lost themselves, RECONNECT to their bodies and REMEMBER WHO THEY ARE so they can show up as their unapologetic powerful true selves!!

Kim wasn’t always this way…empowered in her sexuality. She was shut down, numb and disconnected from her body, her sexuality and herself.

First, she healed her own sexual trauma and reclaimed her body, her life and who she was, who she always was underneath. Kim found her way back to WHO SHE IS!

She uses her coaching experience, her numerous trainings and her personal journey {including her trauma experience} to help women {and couples} reclaim and reconnect to their bodies and remember who they are…so they can take their power back and live an embodied, pleasure filled turned on life!

Want to learn more about private coaching with Kim? Hop on a free call to get all the details!

Free monthly Sexy-Back Salon Series ~ next event is July 14th ~

Check out all of Kim’s offerings at

You can follow Kim here…

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