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Weekly Tarot Reading for FEBRUARY

Moonday Message for FEBRUARY

My friend recently shared that they feel these Moonday Messages are like the emotional + energetic weather report for the collective each week! I really enJOY that perspective and would love to hear if that feels true for you? Let me know below!

And on to our weather report...

This moonth, we welcome in the energy of The Hanged One (formerly The Hanged Man - I prefer to remove the gendering from this Archetype as it feels better in my body).

The Hanged One is gloriously uncomfortable energy that is ultimately for our benefit...if we can just hang with it to completion. Which can be oh so challenging when in the throes of this experience. We find ourselves firmly tied to the past, to what was; yet unable to fly freely to what will be in the future. We sit in this NOW moment digesting the truths of presence and awaiting the next card - Death. The card of transformation.

I usually equate this card to the caterpillar who is all goo and melty within the chrysalis. It can't be comfortable or pleasant to completely un-form oneself and await the right conditions to reform and transcend the current situation (chrysalis) that is holding us back from our soul evolution. I imagine it might be painful, or at the very least highly sensational, to be in this transition phase.

The caterpillar is quite powerless to speed up the process. She must await in trust of divine timing for her inevitable metamorphosis and release into the wild. To try and speed the process will only produce a butterfly who is stunted or unable to survive outside of the chrysalis. A butterfly still too attached to the past to move into her future with grace and power.

This week, you might find yourself really pushing and desiring to be out of the discomfort of your current growth cycle. You may find the mind trying desperately to talk you out of your feelings of sadness or anxiousness or worry in an attempt to coerce you out of the cocoon. Capitalism has done a real number on most of us by convincing us that our emotional process is too cumbersome, long or trivial.

Fvck that noise.

The Hanged One is your permission slip to breathe, feel all the feels and move at the pace that you are called to. You can't rush the healing process. Sit in the stillness and discomfort patiently awaiting the completion of this mini death... which always inevitably leads to rebirth. Joyous rebirth!

You got this babe.

P.S. WYLD Moon Medicine Collective for Women is now open until full Moon. A place to feel all the feels...

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