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๐Ÿ’€ Moonday TAROT Message NOVEMBER

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Moonday TAROT Message NOVEMBER

Ask Body


4 of Wands

We are reminded this week that the body is our vehicle and they require care and attending. Use this week to gain clarity by listening to how you feel. How do certain people, places, media, circumstances and choices make you feel... and follow the ones that feel right and true.

Skunk says to remember that boundaries are your birthright and they do not need to be explained or used to divide - they simply ARE. Own your sovereign space without fear or worry. Your vibe will attract your people and repel tose who are no longer in alignment. Let it happen naturally. Feel the feels and they choose your path.

4 of Wands says its been a long fucking year... let this moonth and week be a time to unplug the mind chatter and reside in the body. Staying too tuned into the mental body is resulting in confusion because of the distortion in our collective field. The Body holds the key... take time to listen.

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