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💋Moonday TAROT Message for THE NEW YEAR!

Moonday TAROT Message for THE NEW YEAR!



Moving into spaciousness and freedom!

The Message this week is about the wisdom of magnetism and space. We are often overrun with the hustle and tips to "plan" our best year moving forward. There is value in planning... yet the cards this week suggest that we use the energy of the upcoming Dark Moon to give attention to the aspect of release. What are we not willing to carry forward into 2022? There is deep magic that occurs when we make space first before we try to fill our lives with new habits or goals. Nature abhors a vacuum - when we make the space for new energy to flow, that is when we are rewarded with bright inspiration and novel ways of reinventing ourselves!

Some journal prompts for this New Year's week:

1. What am I willing to release in order to make space for the new version of myself to emerge?

2. What am I resisting letting go of? Why?

3. What is no longer feeding me and is actually creating a feeling of agitation in my body?

4. Am I willing to trust the ebb and flow in my life?

5. If I had more space in my day to day, what curiousity would I follow?

6. What does the archetype of the Tiger hold for me in the coming year?

Allow these questions to inspire and awaken a new way of reviewing and preparing yourself for the New Year... and let me know what arises! I always respond, promise!

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