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Moonday TAROT Message for SEPTEMBER into OCTOBER

Moonday TAROT Message for SEPTEMBER into OCTOBER

What is already with you


Six of Cups

The World

We are invited into gratitude for what we already have within us. Can we honor and accept this as enough, as the foundation of our lives rather than living in the frequency of lack. Holding space for those who do not literally have enough, that is definitely truth. Yet if you are watching this Message, the invitation is to accept what you do have in this moment. And to accept that as a Collective, we are all in the chrysalis... we are in a monumental rebirthing that is messy, uncomfortable and disorienting.

We are invited to Withdraw - to bring our energy and attention back inward. During the transition times, it is so potent to take space and be with ourselves. To reexamine and readjust to what is true in this moment.

The Six of Cups speaks to the hooks present this week around the past. It offers the Medicine of making sure we are remembering what was in fullness and not with rosy glasses on... it can be so tempting to long for the past when we only remember the "good" stuff. Yet what is here now IS real even in it's discomfort. How do we hold the nuance of bittersweet without losing hope for the future? It is always a balancing act... to dream in a positive future without being so attached to it looking exactly one way that we suffer when things are not just so.

Finally The World card invites us into the Dance of Devotion with Great Mystery. Can we move with the unknown gracefully. Can we be response-able to ourselves and each other in this moment without getting lost future tripping or past longing? Truth is, we have NEVER known what the future will bring! Even during the grand year of 2019 we had no idea what the future would be! Great Mystery has ALWAYS been here...we are just acutely aware of Her at this time.

So, I invite you to lean IN to Great Mystery this week. What would it feel like to accept we have no control? Is it possible to titrate this truth into the body in small doses so the nervous system doesn't get triggered? To come back home to our animal body that knows exactly how to move with what is...

Lots of LOVE ~ Wyld

P.S. WYLD Moon Medicine Collective for Women opens FRIDAY!!! Hop on the waitlist (in bio) or send me a message to get the juicy details...

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