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🌕 Moonday TAROT Message for SEPTEMBER 🌕

🌕 Moonday TAROT Message for SEPTEMBER 🌕

Celebrating Autumn Equinox and all the transitions this moonth!

This reading comes from the Efflorescent Tarot deck I found in my rental… I tried to escape a video this week (as I am leaving my son in his new hOMe…) yet the tricksy Universe called me on my shit and said Nope. So here we are! Modeling doing things messy, awkward and human. I hope this medicine serves…

Queen of Swords

Nine of Pentacles

Page of Wands

This moonth and week are inviting us into clear boundaries, focusing on this NOW moment and diving into some self inquiry. Can we get really honest with ourselves on our needs, the ways we might be preventing connection and how we are exercising our personal sovereign power? It’s an exciting time to look inward through the lens of messy rather than perfection.

If WYLD Moon Medicine Collective for Women intrigues you…hop in the waitlist in my bio! Details to be released this week!!!

#tarot #equinox #boundaries #rigid #presence #perfection #now #soften

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