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🔻Moonday TAROT Message for NOVEMBER + Thanksgiving

🔻Moonday TAROT Message for NOVEMBER + Thanksgiving


The Fool

The Message this week is woven into the holiday... we have Thanksgiving coming up here in the U.S. And this card Politics from the Osho Zen Tarot has given us a level of nuance to contemplate this week + moonth. We are invited into feeling the truth about humans. That we are both designed to manipulate (as in create our reality - i.e. manifestation and creation) as well as easily manipulated. It is simple psychology and marketing and we can all learn about these topics if curiousity is sparked here today! Our brains are so fascinating in this way! This first card reminds us that everything outside of ourselves resides within us as well. WE also as individuals have the ability to wear either mask - the supremely righteous "good" mask or the extremely toxic "bad" mask. WE (as in you AND me) ALL have this potential... and if there is someone we judge for being fake or goody two shoes or selfish or whatever we are offered to opportunity to recognize that if in their place and given the exact same traumas and training and level of resources we would most likely behave in a similar fashion. As a product of our cultural and familial programming.

Yet these polarities are not us - they are not our soul spark. They are the product of our animal mind doing what it does best - trying to keep us safe amidst ever more complex and nervous system overwhelming situations (such as 5G, multi level constant media and ridiculous amounts of notifications.)... our sweet bodies are consistently looking for ways to step out of the stress we are bombarded with and yet that stress seems required for modern life. It is quite the catch-22. So we might lend more authority or power to hierarchy or social systems that offer us a sense of safety. We might choose work we don't enjoy (or is actually soul crushing) because of the safety promised within the benefits. We might choose to stay in unhealthy relationships even though we know they don't serve us - yet they hold the sense of safety of the known. So this week we are invited to sit with this idea with regards to everything in our lives. Where do we hand away our sovereignty in exchange for some sense of normal or safe.

Then we are supported here with The Fool card. The Fool is the antidote to Politics. It's where we integrate our Inner Child Essence- the magic we embodied with in this lifetime - and bring it into tour adult living. The Fool helps us understand the Cosmic Joke! It is all experience in this playing field. We are here to feel, to experience, to live. Nowhere in there were we promised safety. This is a controversial topic. Of course we want safety. We all deserve to be safe. Yet the true depth of safety occurs when we are fully empowered and in trust within ourselves. Safety doesn't mean we never suffer, never have pain or confusion... safety means we know how to trust ourselves in responding to whatever life throws our direction. That's it. That is true safety. That we are in our bodies and able to respond... because life is inherently unsafe. Car accidents happen. Illness happens. Death happens. Disasters happen. And we can't stop this. It is the edge that makes life FEEL! Whether we prefer it or not... these things make life feel alive. And I personally will always choose feeling alive over the constriction of only considering safety as the measure of a life well lived.

That feels like the Message for this week and Thanksgiving. May they serve you well!

I am taking a break for the holidays but my calendar is open for December and January. Also, Gift certificates are available now!


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