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Your favorite Divinatrix Wyld here with the energy read for this NOW moment...





We are in the final stretch of the Eclipse Portal and it has been a doozy! Have you felt it this past week??

This week into the next moonth, we are deeply invited to let all the old die. What came up for you last week? Were you crunchy with your partner? Dissatisfied with your work? Disappointed with the way you've responded to life recently? This Eclipse Portal has been all about showing us where we have given our power away and where we might benefit by shifting those choices. The first step in returning to internal alignment is by recognizing where we are not in resonance with our life path. Being uncomfortable, irritable, irrational and cranky are all signs we are not in alignment with ourselves. Usually related to boundaries being crossed or not communicated.

With the Underworld + Responsibility here we are reminded that all relationships take 2 parties... and that means we always hold a part of our dissatisfaction. It can feel very tempting to make our happiness or safety dependent on others - and it can feel quite overwhelming to own our parts in these reclamations. Yet the power that resides within this owning is immense. This is not the easy road to walk... but it is an amazing one.

This shadowy message is paired here with the Rose Quartz pillar. I LOVE this! This crystal Being reminds us to be gentle with ourselves as we grow into our power. The previous versions of us did the best they could with their skills at that time. Now we know more, have more guidance, more connection, more information and more tools to support us in this life long journey of coming back home to ourselves. There is no shame or judgement in owning our life, our satisfaction and our power! It is a journey full of ebbs and flows... and many times we must betray ourselves in order to feel where we do NOT want to reside. And with any mistake, the lesson is to apologize, make amends and move on.

May this Message serve you well and may you have everything you need!

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